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The Loneliest Time

One of the loneliest times in a new mother's life is in that 2nd or 3rd month after birth. By then, life with a new baby has settled into a routine, (even if it is totally unpredictable). Most moms are healed physically, their milk supply seems to be consistent and their baby is awake for longer periods. The cards, gifts and dinners have slowed to a trickle. For most mothers, its still too early to think about going back to work.

One day, many moms wake up, look around their neighborhood, and wonder who else has a baby. It comes as a surprise to find that most people who live nearby are at work. Your old friends mostly don't have babies and don't "get it". Your baby is definitely too young for the playground.

I was that new mom, once! And that is why there is a New Baby New Paltz.

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