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Some Parents Find Holistic Baby Care Empowering  

Poughkeepsie Journal 

December 23, 2015

By Karen Masejian Shan

Donna Bruschi, owner of New Baby New Paltz, a store, gathering place and resource for expectant and new parents and their babies in New Paltz, said people are attracted to holistic care for their infants because it’s not intrusive.

“A lot of holistic care is permission-based,” said Bruschi, who also is a lactation consultant. “We work slowly with the baby; the baby leads and the care and support follow.”

For parents, she said, holistic care is empowering.

“When a doctor says, ‘We have to do this,’ it takes the parent out of the equation,” Bruschi said. “Holistic care says this is what’s going on, in what way would you like to handle this? It comes from a place of knowing and choice.”

Often, she said, her lactation clients are eager to learn about holistic practices for their babies, including the benefits of breast-feeding, cloth diapering and the use of natural creams, ointments and products. Many also are interested in the availability of holistic methodologies, including those offered through the business, such as chiropractic, homeopathy, Pilates, music and movement, and others.

“Parents are doing research and finding other parents talking about babies’ consciousness,” Bruschi said. “Babies come into the world and they understand what you’re saying. They are their own human beings with wants and desires. A brand-new baby can tell you they don’t want to be treated that way – they will shut down and cry.”

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New Baby New Paltz Grand Opening

By Erica Chase-Salerno Published in the Kids' Almanac

January 7, 2016


What if you could park once and shop at both your local baby boutique and the grocery store? Now you can! Check out the Grand Opening of the newest New Baby/New Paltz, sister shop to New Baby/New World in the Water Street Market in New Paltz. The celebration takes place on Saturday, January 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. In addition to gear for infants, babies and toddlers, there is an adorable selection of clothing, carriers, toys and some excellent, empowering maternity and nursing wear, including BG Birthing Gowns.

This place isn’t just for people with babies; there are lots of great gifts, and I actually picked up a birthing gown for myself, to keep on hand the next time I’m admitted to the hospital for cancer stuff. Stop by to congratulate owner and lactation consultant Donna Bruschi on her newest addition to the New Baby/New Paltz store family, try your luck at winning a door prize, enjoy some food and take home a goody bag.

New Baby/New Paltz is located at 264 Main Street at the Shop Rite Plaza in New Paltz. For more information, call (845) 255-0624 or visit http://newbabynewpaltz.com.

New Paltz business owner collecting baby carriers for refugees

 Poughkeepsie Journal

December 21, 2015

By John W. Barry

NEW PALTZ - A New Paltz business owner is working to help mothers with small children fleeing conflict in the Middle East. Donna Bruschi, owner of New Baby New World in New Paltz, is collecting baby carriers for mothers who are Syrian refugees. Bruschi described a baby carrier as being similar to a soft backpack in which a baby can be placed. The carrier is then strapped to the body. Bruschi has collected 16 carriers and is hoping to gather more. She is working on behalf of Carry the Future, a California organization that is shipping the carriers — more than 7,000 so far — to a refugee center in Greece.

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Zika Virus Declared Emergency 

The New Paltz Oracle

February 11, 2016

by Kristen Warfield 

New Paltz-based lactation consultant and maternity store owner Donna Bruschi said she understands the feelings women who are already pregnant in these areas may have, despite the low risk of the virus being present locally.

“Women who are pregnant really like to take care of themselves and any feeling of potential harm to their baby is magnetized,” Bruschi said. “In the U.S., there’s really not a lot of risk involved when having a child— most worry about harm of secondhand smoke or how their diet affects the baby. But in these countries, [Zika] is this unpredictable wild card.”

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At Work: Donna Bruschi Breastfeeding Advocate, Educator and Coach

DonnaBrushi Lipka

Bruschi stands outside of her business in Water Street Market in New Paltz. Photo by Holly Lipka.

Students of Lisa Phillips’ fall 2015 Literature of Journalism class were asked to interview everyday working people about their jobs, and frame the first-person commentaries in the style of Studs Terkel’s book “Working, People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do.” Subjects include an emergency medical technician, a hairdresser, a breastfeeding consultant and a local business owner. Originally published in The Little Rebellion.10/26/2015

By Holly Lipka

For 18 years, Donna Bruschi, mother of three, has been an advocate, educator and coach for breastfeeding mothers. She speaks now about her experience as a mother and advocate for breastfeeding:

“It’s so hard. Being a mother of a newborn is so hard. I don’t want to see people suffer, but sometimes people have to suffer. Through the deep pain that you’re feeling, you think about things in a different way. It’s only when you’re really down, that you understand how strong you are. You are able to see the way that right way.

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New Baby New World in New Paltz hosts global latch-on event

BigLatchOn2015022 600 New Paltz Times

July 30, 2015

Women around the world will breastfeed their babies at the same time this Saturday August 1 at 10 am to support the health of infants and right of women to breastfeed anywhere, anytime their baby needs. Last year, 14,173 women in 31 countries participated. This year they will be joined by new mothers in New Paltz to breask the record. New Baby New World will host this event at Water Street Market in New Paltz.

New Baby New World is owned and operated by Donna Bruschi, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with over 18 years experience. 

For additional information visit www.newbabynewworld.com

10 Hudson Valley Resources for New Moms

February 24, 2015 Published in Hudson Valley Parent  

austin birth

As a new mom, one of the hardest things was feeling connected again. Those first few months my job was on hold and my friends were scarce. While my husband was able to get out of the house alone to go to work each day I was left to care for a new, very needy little person every hour of the day and night. Don’t get me wrong, I adored caring for him and soaking up every moment. I knew these times were fleeting and I wanted to savor them but I wanted more, and still do. I wish back then I knew there were local resources for new moms, free playgroups, and support but I didn’t. So I am helping you out today. Here is your list- If you are feeling trapped, alone or worse know you aren’t alone. There are a number of local groups ready to welcome you and your new baby with open arms and give you the support & information you need. Real stories from Hudson Valley Moms on postpartum depression

1. New Baby, New Paltz offers one on one support, workshops, playgroups, support groups, a great website, products new moms love and a welcoming space. New Paltz, 845-255-0624.

2. Health Quest at Vassar Brothers Medical Center holds weekly support groups, childbirth and parenting classes, breastfeeding support, infant/child CPR and even sibling prep classes. Check the site for a list of classes, costs and more. Poughkeepsie, 877-729-2444.

3. The LaLeche League has chapters in Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess counties, and beyond. Their website offers information, fact sheets and the online Breastfeeding Guide including topics on “my baby won’t latch on,” to “sore nipples.”  Proper nutrition, expressing milk, and returning to work are covered.  With a click of the mouse, the information is truly at your fingertips.

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The Big Latch On

Posted By  in Chronogram on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM

glamourmom sqHere's an event that is not fun for the whole family. To commemorate the kick off of World Breastfeeding Week, New Baby New Paltz will be hosting the Big Latch On, an event dedicated to raising awareness about breastfeeding. The Big Latch On is observed around the world at designated sites, New Baby New Paltz is the official site for the Hudson Valley, at 10:30 am local time, participating mothers around the world will latch their little ones in order to promote breastfeeding in the community.

While the Big Latch On takes place worldwide, the events are only loosely connected. Instead, much of the organization happens at the local level, allowing organizers to tailor the event to their region. For the event all participating women and children are latched on for one minute at the set time and are then counted by the witnesses. The goal, when the final tally from all the events are counted, is to break last year's worldwide record of 14,536. For more information, check their website.

The Amazing Adventures of the Marvelous Mompreneurs

Chronogram Magazine

December 1, 2013

By Hillary Harvey

Jessie Walsh and Pearl at Illuminated Baby

Photo byJennifer May

Jessica Walsh and her daughter Pearl at Illuminated Baby in Woodstock.


Marybeth Cale is an early riser. While her family sleeps, she flips on the light in her home office and launches into answering e-mails, managing social media campaigns, and developing a list of priorities for the day while sipping a steamy cup of coffee. Cale is the sole proprietor of Cale Communications, a public relations and communications firm in Rhinebeck. She's a natural writer whose effervescent personality even bursts through e-mails. For her, the work is about helping her clients to share their stories in ways that will resonate.

Once her two boys wake up, Cale spends breakfast with them. They walk to school together and then she heads to her office in the village. After a few hours of writing press releases and planning client events and speaking engagements, Cale rewards herself with some time for physical activity, which makes her more creative and productive for the rest of the day. After meetings and calls to journalists, Cale heads over to the school to pick up her boys. Afterschool time is reserved solely for karate, homework, and playtime with them. Then there's dinner, and Cale visits with her husband. If she's on deadline, she works a couple more hours in her home office before going to bed. "I try to maintain a routine which serves the needs of everyone in my life—my children, my husband, my clients, my friends," Cale says, "and, of course, with some time in the day for me, which is critical to feeling healthy and joyful."

This is the work-life balance in action, Hudson Valley style. And Cale is not alone. When Arlene Deahl was eight months' pregnant, the online tobacconist whose warehouse she managed moved out of state, and her job search for other managerial positions in the area didn't pan out. But all that was fortuitous. "After you have the baby, you never want to leave them," Deahl says. Like so many mompreneurs, those entrepreneurial spirits who balance motherhood and business, Deahl found that her retreat to home-life actually opened a door to her own dreams. Being home with her baby was the first time she was ever without work, but she needed the income. So she turned to what she had already been doing.

For the past 12 years, Deahl and her mother-in-law have been mass baking holiday cookies. As more people were added to the rounds, Deahl got up to baking 1,500 cookies in three days. "It was the passion that I never had time for," she says. So Deahl took a course on running a home baking business, and Banana Moon Baking Company was born.

Focusing on quality, often local, ingredients and freshness without preservatives, Deahl offers people the opportunity to eat homemade without having to make it themselves. On heavy teething days, Deahl might bake at 11pm. With calls to customers and dough mixing fit around naps and toddler classes, Deahl is able to create her own schedule. Deahl's mother-in-law has moved back to Kentucky now, but she gets regular cookie care packages and baby artwork.

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Breast-feeding is natural and legal, so try to get over it

TargetDonnaInterviewRecord Online.com

Jan. 3, 2012


It shouldn't take a law to make something as natural and beneficial as breast-feeding acceptable public behavior. But judging by the uproar at the end of December, it will take the law and then some from time to time.

The "nurse-in" demonstrations at the Target store in Kingston and other locations around the country were inspired by a woman's run-in with employees at a Target in Webster, Texas. Texas is one of 45 states that has laws allowing mothers to breast-feed their babies in public without any restrictions. The Target store ownership and management there and elsewhere agree with the law, but a few workers apparently did not know that and tried to move the mother into a fitting room.

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Breast-feeding moms join 'nurse-in' at Target store in Kingston

Texas woman upset with Target; claims harassment over breast-feeding

Breastfeeding1 28Dec11

The Times Herald Record

December 29, 2011

By Combined New Services

Breast-feeding mothers staged a "nurse-in" Wednesday at Target stores in Kingston and across the nation to show solidarity with a Texas woman who said she was ridiculed for breast-feeding her baby at a Houston store. 

At the Target store at the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston, a dozen nursing mothers took part in a demonstration, organized by Donna Bruschi, a New Paltz-based lactation consultant. Bruschi said the store "was completely gracious" in allowing the demonstration to take place. They had hoped to conduct the demonstration in the mall itself. But Bruschi said the mall wanted an insurance certificate and asked them to leave because they could not. So they moved into the Target store, where management allowed them to set up in their snack bar.

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Holistic Health Care For Babies

New Baby WebNew Paltz Oracle

December 11, 2011

By Maria Jayne

New and Expecting mothers of New Paltz now have somewhere to turn to for their breastfeeding needs. Instead of traveling 30 minutes to Kingston or Poughkeepsie, they can visit New Baby New Paltz owner and lactation expert, Donna Bruschi.

Located at 15 Plattekill Ave., New Baby New Paltz offers a wide variety of classes about conception, pregnancy, birth, infancy, childhood, sleep and adult relationships. Bruschi also sells breast-feeding and baby accessories such as breast pumps, nursing tops and bras, organic skin care products and cloth diapers.

Bruschi said many doctors are ignorant when it comes to specialized information about breast-feeding. She is there to answer any questions a mother may have.

“People call me all the time with crazy things they’ve heard from friends or doctors,” Bruschi said. “I just try to set the record straight based on the latest research and my knowledge.”

A single mother of three, Bruschi said she has been helping mothers for more than 14 years. She started New Baby New Paltz two years ago as a small group where new mothers could connect and have a place to go regularly because, according to Bruschi, new mothers can often feel isolated and may not have anywhere to turn.

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One-stop resource for new parents now open at New Baby New Paltz

New Paltz Times

November 27, 2011


The more things change, the more things stay the same, it’s said. Breastfeeding babies has been around as long as there have been…well, babies to feed; and La Leche League has been around since the 1950s. But we still read news stories like the recent one about a Michigan judge who publicly humiliated a woman for nursing her sick infant while waiting for hours for her case to be heard in his courtroom.

Though public attitudes sometimes take a long time to catch up with social progress, women who choose to breastfeed their infants, or to use cloth diapers instead of disposables, at least have more options available today than in earlier decades. There are lots of small entrepreneurs out there — many of them new mothers themselves, who identified an unfilled market niche based on their own babies’ needs — coming up with innovative solutions for parents who seek healthy, holistic, environmentally friendly ways to care for their little ones.

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