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Classes at New Baby New Paltz are geared towards families and family learning. All of our classes are taught by expert teachers in an intimate setting which ensures that you learn and will have all your questions answered. Many are taught "family style" which means that babies, partners and grandparents are welcome.

We are happy to explain what we offer and help you choose a class that fits your needs. For more information, please fill out the contact form below.

While most classes use online registration, you are welcome to call or come into the store for questions and to register.

Don't see what you are interested in being offered? If you are interested, it's likely other parents are too! Fill out our contact form to request a class.

(845) 255-0624 or fill out our Contact form

Music Together: Babies!


Music Together: Babies is an introduction to Music Together® for the infant to crawler (0-9 mo.) and their parent/caregiver.

The music activities and materials are especially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants. The music in this collection is compiled from other Music Together collections and is especially appropriate for infants who are not yet mobile.

To Register: http://mhmusictogether.com/vlt22200.htm

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New Family Workshop

new family workshop

What do new parents want most for their new baby?

Nearly all parents will respond that they want a happy, healthy baby.

David Lester and I identified five essential things you can do to help your baby be happy and healthy.

What's funny is that most parents already know these things, but they start to doubt themselves when their baby doesn't respond in the same ways they read or hear about from books or the internet.

The New Family Workshop held the last Wednesday of every month 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

This workshop is free. Parents and grandparents are welcome. RSVP is required. Please call 255-3300 to register.

Lester Chiropractic 

3 Paradies Lane

New Paltz, NY 

(In the little white house behind the big white house)


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Infant & Family CPR & First Aid

CPR First Aid


Infant & Family CPR & First Aid  (American Red Cross)

Parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors are usually the first responders in an emergency involving infants and children. This class covers how to respond to injuries and illness in an infant or child family members during a medical emergency until advanced medical personnel take over.

This interactive course includes lessons on how to respond to choking, breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries to muscles, bones and joints, sudden illness, soft tissue injuries and environmental emergencies.

With an understanding of the basic steps of CPR and First Aid, family members will feel more confident in their ability to assist in an emergency.

$70 per family - space permitting

To register: 845-255-0624 or email: newbabynewpaltz @ yahoo.com

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Sleep Solver

toddler sleep solver

You have entered the No-Zone of Zombie Parenting. Days and Nights are blurred. You, your baby, and your partner have spiraled into a cranky, irritable hell. 

You keep hearing about this magic book or that miraculous system that promises to get your baby to sleep through the night. You keep hearing about all these babies who magically sleep. You have tried cereal, the bedtime routine, no-cry, crying it out, the crib, the family bed, elimination diets, and night weaning. You have drawers full of Woombies, Swaddles and Sleep Sacks. You probably have a backache and big biceps.

You know there has got to be a way that feels right and works but you are feeling hopeless, defensive, angry, ashamed and beyond exhausted. You feel tortured. You don't want your baby to cry, but you don't care anymore.

Sleeping can be a completely natural process, but if you feel tortured, there are probably several things together that need adjusting. There are literally hundreds of things that can contribute to babies not sleeping.

It's not always what you think.

"We had no idea that our anxiety over our apartment search was the root cause of our baby's sleepless nights. After the first session, we all slept better and it kept improving."

newborn sleep solver

Going to sleep alone should be like falling asleep in your mother's arms. You easily relax. You drift off and sleep well, knowing that you are safe and protected from harm.

Some families just naturally have that peace and serenity and others need a little help to get there.

"After Donna pointed out that family sleep patterns often get passed on to the baby, we realized that with two parents with insomnia, our baby was just following our unhealthy patterns.

You may be wondering if you need some help or if you can get by on your own. In my experience, if you fit one or more of these situations, you could use some extra help:

  • If you can't function any more.
  • If your baby or child is fussy, irritable, cranky, and has melt-downs
  • If your baby is a year old, you still get up every hour or two and you don't like it.
  • If you think that your baby or child hates sleeping or doesn't need to sleep
  • If you have been told that you are ruining your child's sleep habits
  • If your baby is sleeping and you are wide-eyed, checking Facebook and shopping on Amazon.

Getting enough sleep is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health. Improving your sleep is probably the biggest way you can impact your life. Studies show that people who get enough sleep are happier, eat healthier, score better on cognitive tests and are healthier overall. Rested babies are more fun to be with. You will have more time for things that matter.  And you won't feel like a zombie anymore.

Here's how I work with clients:

We start with a 30 minute sleep session to figure out what you are needing: We talk about what is happening, what you want to happen and how that can happen. It's a phone, skype or office visit-- whatever works best for you.

You can text, call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask a question or schedule an appointment for your 30 minute sleep session. (845) 750-4402

During that Sleep Session, we will talk about what you want and don't want with your sleep situation. I will give you my perspective on what is happening. You may decide that how I work, is not for you. You may feel that you have received enough information and you feel empowered to try on your own. Or, you may decide you want to work further with me on your sleep problems.

If you decide you would like to work with me further, here's the 6 Step Sleep Solver process. 

  1. We talk about what is happening, what you want to happen and how that can happen during the 30 minute Sleep Session.
  2. We do 5 in-depth one-hour sleep sessions, in alignment with your goals.
  3. We talk the day after each session to discuss what changed. We note areas that changed and fine tune those that didn't.
  4. We have a session about every 4-5 days to smooth out changes and orient you to better sleep.
  5. You have an emergency mini-session you can use when you really need it.
  6. We have a completion interview to talk about how things changed and make sure you are happily sleeping.

Total time elapsed: 2-3 weeks.

The 6 Step Sleep Solver Process will help your family be more harmonious and in-tune with each other. It will give you more confidence at bedtime. It makes better sleep habits easy and natural, and will match up your family's sleep cycles so you have more restful sleep. You will know what your child needs and how to provide it for them.

What is a typical session like?

In my work with sleep, we uncover and shift sleep patterns that are not working for you anymore. 

In a typical session in my office, you can sit or lie down. You can bring your baby or toddler to a session but older children will probably be happier home with a babysitter. You are relaxed, fully conscious, answering questions and leading the session. We muscle-check, using applied kinesiology, to discover what things are related to the problem and in what ways they need to shift.

Because of the nature of the work, each session is a bit different.  A session can be done in person either individually or as a family. It can be done over the phone.

If you've decided you do want Sleep Solver Sessions, here's what you WON'T get: "My way or the highway" attitude, crying it out, one size fits all strategies, unanswered questions, stressful sleep protocols, "old-school" approaches that don't work and rules about where you have to sleep or not sleep.

Here are my Policies:

  • I will do my best to get sleeping right for you and your family.
  • I will bring sensitivity, love and caring into every interaction.
  • I want sleeping to work for you and your Family, not for some "One Star", B-grade, nightmarish dream that someone ... somewhere ... had sometime ...

Here are my Standards:

  • I fully expect you and your family can sleep better.
  • You and your family's opinions, culture, and lifestyle will be respected when we work together.
  • You are the expert in your family (even if sometimes you don't feel like it!) You set the pace and decide if you like something or don't.
  • Your situation, problem, solution, and story are private.

Here is my "No More Tears Guarantee": I am not perfect, and I am here to serve you. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know everything there is to know about sleeping. If something is not right, please tell me, I'll find a way to make it right.

It all starts with a 30 minute sleep session. (All you do need to do is call and make the appointment!) I'm friendly, warm, compassionate (I was once a zombie mother, too!) and I really do want to help you get more sleep. I'm easy to talk to and I promise not to make you feel like you're dumb or a failure because you or your baby don't sleep.

Some sleep problems are resolved during that first 30 minute sleep session. You don't have to be shy or suffer because you think you have a 'dumb question' or a 'problem that nobody on earth ever had before' or that you are 'so far gone that no help is possible. 

My Story

Donna 2016 200I wasn't always a Sleep Expert. When I started, I was a poster child for Zombie Motherhood. I had 3 kids in 3 years. I had a fussy baby who did not sleep more than 45 minutes at a stretch and I had to learn how to get more sleep. I used Resonance Repatterning then, and I still use it. We all sleep really well in my family.

Over the past 20 years, I have learned a lot about sleep.

  • How to get more sleep even when your baby is sick or teething.
  • The two biggest reasons why parents can't sleep.
  • Why your baby probably doesn't sleep.
  • Common things parents do that make their baby's sleep habits worse. 

Good sleep habits have more to do with family dynamics than anything else. Once I realized this, my life changed. I realized that my baby didn't have a sleep problem!  I shifted my focus and started addressing all the things that were keeping him awake. We noticed a change right away.

It's not about sleeping, it's a way of living. It's about a kinder, gentler, more wholesome way of life that will heal you of your anger and frustration, your nightmares, your chronic sleeplessness and make you a better, more patient, loving, compassionate person. You will feel confident that you are doing the right thing every time your child goes to sleep.

"I finally understand what my baby needs and it wasn't at all what I expected. It's amazing to be rested, clear headed and able to make decisions again! I actually have time for myself at night now."

Trying to get your child to fall asleep for hours every night is incredibly time consuming. When you learn what your child needs, you will have that time for yourself. Improving your baby's sleep is probably the biggest way you can have more time in your life. Rested babies and children are happier, better behaved and allow you to relax so that you enjoy your time with them.

Still not sure? You don't have to keep suffering or feel like you are the only one who ever had this problem. To start getting more sleep right away, call me at (845) 750-4402

If you prefer, drop me an email and tell me what's going on.

To schedule your Sleep Session, call or text me at 845-750-4402.

co sleep solver

Beginning Breastfeeding

newborn close latch copy

This class is for pregnant couples and their families. You may wonder why you need a class for breastfeeding? I developed this class to prepare parents for the first two weeks when so many things happen that many parents quit.

Get the best start whether you're planning a home or hospital birth. This comprehensive class covers beginning breastfeeding, the introduction of solid foods and weaning.

It includes the book "Beginning Breastfeeding" by Donna Bruschi, IBCLC

• How to prepare yourself and your family for breastfeeding (It's not what you think!)

• What skin to skin contact is (And is not!) 

• What a "good latch" is (And is not!)

• How birth practices affect breastfeeding (& what to do if things go wrong)

• Postpartum bonding, suckling & how partners fit into breastfeeding

This 2 hour class is $100 per family.

Partners & Grandparents are welcome & encouraged to attend. 

In addition, you may have questions about:

• Selecting a breast pump, when to start and essential considerations for returning to work.

• How to have a great milk supply, even if your breasts are small, even if you have twins, even if you're worried...

• Pacifiers, safe bottle feeding, how often and how long to feed

• Knowing signs that you NEED help and where to get it, and why it's not the Internet.


This class is taught by Donna Bruschi, IBCLC, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, La Leche League Leader and owner of New Baby New Paltz. She breastfed her 3 children, including twins. She shares her wisdom of two decades of helping mothers and babies get breastfeeding right for them.

For questions, please call/text Donna at (845) 750-4402  

This 2 hour class is $100 per family. Private classes are also available for $150 in office or $250 in home.

Payment is required to register. Refunds will be made until 7 days in advance. All other cancellations will receive store credit or a make-up class.

Date of Class

 Classes are held at New Baby New Paltz - 264 Main Street,  New Paltz, NY 12561


Parenting Repatterning Series

We all know that parenting has a lot of joys, a lot of challenges,

And, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

It really is a time when you can relive your childhood and do things over the way you always wished they were. Mostly.

It can also hurt

When you and your child, or partner, aren't in harmony, it feels uncomfortable, even painful. You may have days or weeks of getting along and then something is 'off' and you don't know why. 

You want to be respectful and warm with your partner. You want to raise your children with kindness and compassion. You want to be clear with everyone but you don't want to hurt their feelings and you want your feelings to be hurt.

It's not for lack of trying

You've been in therapy. And while you like it, your therapist does not understand parenting your child. You have the stack of parenting books which fall into two categories: riveting and inspirational, and books that provoke you into throwing them against the wall. You follow a couple of parenting blogs and podcasts which remind you that it is possible, just not for your family, apparently. Before kids, you used to meditate, now you Google, but which one of the 1.5 million hits in 1.2 seconds is the right one? Google is TMI.

So you muddle along

All these things are a part of you growing as a parent and learning how to be your best self, but there is no step-by-step plan, no guidance and no accountability.

What you really need

What you need is a way to meet up with other parents you like and admire, vent a bit, learn what's normal and what's not, for your child's age, clear out the baggage from your parents and replace it with the values that are important to you. 

In other words, you want to learn to embody respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, warmth and clarity when you relate with your partner and children. You want it to be easy and effortless. And you want them to treat you the same way. All the time.

The Parenting Repatterning Classes work in 3 ways;

  1. You learn what is age-appropriate behavior for every stage of your child's development.
  2. You learn to communicate in healthy, compassionate ways to resolve differences and set limits with people.
  3. You identify and shift old patterns that your child is triggering. You learn how to turn off the buttons that your child pushes.

Along the way you will have fun "growing up again" within a supportive group of parents who share your values. You will heal your negative beliefs and traumas so they don't affect your children. And, you will feel happier and more confident parenting your child.

The Parenting Repatterning Classes are 1 hour and facilitated and we don't waste time. Each class follows this format:

  1. Introduction and conversation to get to know
  2. A short lesson with time for questions
  3. A repatterning session that processes feelings and beliefs in an easy and gentle way
  4. A positive action to bring the teachings into your family 

These classes work because Donna Bruschi has been working with parents for over 20 years as a friend, a lactation consultant, teacher, group leader and healer.  She brings her warmth, knowledge and perspective gained from raising 3 children into adulthood. Each of these classes has been shaped because she knows the problems and intentions of parents just like you, who have taken these classes and/or been private clients over the years. 

Each class is guided with warmth, compassion and understanding for each individual's needs.

There are seven different Parenting Repatterning Series

1. Partners 

Partners are key to parenting from the moment you decide to have a baby. Many partners immerse themselves in parenting only to later realize that they have lost their best friend. Come and reimagine your co-parent in a way where its okay to feel ALL of your feelings and reconnect with your partner in a new and nourishing way.

2. Birth 

Birth brings parents into connection with something primal and magical...and for many there are also feelings of pain, grief, trauma, and loss. Your birth story is not just your story but also your baby's and you bring the patterns and beliefs from your own birth and your family. This class is for parents who are trying to conceive, preparing for birth and recovering from birth.

3. Breastfeeding

Intuition and nonverbal communication, entrainment and intimacy are all a part of breastfeeding. If you weren't breastfed, or have survived sexual assault or abuse, these feelings can be overwhelming, leading to a funny feeling or dislike of breastfeeding and early weaning. Breastfeeding a toddler can become a way to connect with and guide your child in a way you can't imagine if you haven't done it yet. Ideally breastfeeding continues until your child outgrows the need. This class can support you in being comfortable following the natural progression of  breastfeeding baby.

4. Communicating

Nonverbal cues in infancy, your toddler's first words and sentences, the slang and facial expressions of your teen, and the mysterious insinuations your partner keeps slinging, can be exhausting to figure out. Written communication is a level removed from face to face and misunderstandings are easy to have with email, emojis and texting replacing everyday conversations.

5. Toddlers

Before they start saying "No!" and "Why?" many parents realize they are dealing with a primitive, semi-verbal, irrational human being with very clear dislikes and likes. If you have ever peeled your screaming limp noodle of a child off the floor of Target, you will want to make every effort to attend this one.

6. Teens

Often called overgrown toddlers, you can't pick them up when they melt down. You can't do anything right. They also may make very expensive mistakes with your car and house. You may wonder if you and they will survive this period of life and your heart has never hurt like this before. 

7. Sleep

Family members and the media have unrealistic expectations for babies and children that can undermine your confidence. The result is exhaustion and resentment that hampers good sleep even further. If your children have night fears or procrastinate at bedtime, this class will help. Teens too, can learn the secret to a good night's sleep.