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Cloth Diapering 101

Cloth Diapering Made Simple

Price: $15 person /$20 couple

Learn the various types of cloth diapers, how many you need, how much it will cost, and what to do with the poop. Babies welcome!

A friendly, easy, one-on-one workshop that eases you into the confusing world of cloth diapering in a very affordable way.

This cloth diapering workshop costs less than a case of Pampers and will help make sure you absolutely love cloth diapering! You will receive a 15% coupon towards your diaper purchase. We guarantee... NO dunking! NO swirling! NO nasty stink!

"Why do I need a class for cloth diapers?"

It used to be that you had 1 kind of diaper, 1 kind of cover and a bunch of big pins to accommodate your baby from birth into training pants. With the advent of new materials and technology, many, many diaper companies now offer many, many kinds of diapers that all work a little differently.

"What is the best cloth diaper?"

Well, that depends..we can't really answer that question for you because we don't know how you live or what shape your baby's butt is. Nor do we know exactly what drives you nuts! We sell a lot of diapers that we would never use, but our customers do!

If you don't want the expense or the nasty chemicals on your baby's bottom, this class may be a good fit for you. Cloth is convenient. You never run out! You can have clean diapers in a couple of hours without leaving the house. The best Amazon and the Honest Company can offer is next day!

We teach you about:

  • Prefolds, Flats, All-In-Ones & Pocket Diapers
  • Organic Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Bamboo, PUL and Microfiber materials
  • Snappis & Pins, Snaps & Velcro
  • Shells & Soakers
  • Doublers, Soakers & Inserts
  • An explanation of how to use different kinds of diapers.

You get to learn how cloth diapers fit your baby and your lifestyle without a lot of angst.

We also talk about:

  •   Wetbags, Pail Liners and Diaper Pails
  •   Diaper Detergents & Laundering
  •   Bleach, fabric softeners, and sprays.
  •   Diaper liners for easy washing
  •   Diaper creams & ointments approved for cloth diapers and baby's tender skin
  •   Rental packages "Try Before You Buy"
  •   Diaper Packages: Diapers really are cheaper by the dozen!

Learn how to enjoy cloth diapers and the good feeling that comes from keeping chemicals off your baby's skin, diapers out of landfills and money in your pocket.

Cloth diapering is a great way to save thousands of dollars. We spend the last part of class helping you figure out the most cost effective way for you to get the diapers you want.  We understand what parents need and have several economical cloth diaper packages.

We make it easy to "Buy Local" with confidence that you are also getting a great deal.

To make an appointment, pay securely online and Call (845) 255-0624 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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