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Parenting Repatterning Series

It's not for lack of trying

You've been in therapy. And while you like it, your therapist does not understand parenting your child. You have the stack of parenting books which fall into two categories: riveting and inspirational, and books that provoke you into throwing them against the wall. You follow a couple of parenting blogs and podcasts which remind you that it is possible, just not for your family, apparently. Before kids, you used to meditate, now you Google, but which one of the 1.5 million hits in 1.2 seconds is the right one? Google is TMI.

So you muddle along

All these things are a part of you growing as a parent and learning how to be your best self, but there is no step-by-step plan, no guidance and no accountability.

What you really need

What you need is a way to meet up with other parents you like and admire, vent a bit, learn what's normal and what's not, for your child's age, clear out the baggage from your parents and replace it with the values that are important to you. 

In other words, you want to learn to embody respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, warmth and clarity when you relate with your partner and children. You want it to be easy and effortless. And you want them to treat you the same way. All the time.

The Parenting Repatterning Classes work in 3 ways;

  1. You learn what is age-appropriate behavior for every stage of your child's development.
  2. You learn to communicate in healthy, compassionate ways to resolve differences and set limits with people.
  3. You identify and shift old patterns that your child is triggering. You learn how to turn off the buttons that your child pushes.

Along the way you will have fun "growing up again" within a supportive group of parents who share your values. You will heal your negative beliefs and traumas so they don't affect your children. And, you will feel happier and more confident parenting your child.

The Parenting Repatterning Classes are 1 hour and facilitated and we don't waste time. Each class follows this format:

  1. Introduction and conversation to get to know each other
  2. A short lesson with time for questions
  3. A repatterning session that processes feelings and beliefs in an easy and gentle way
  4. A positive action to bring the teachings into your family 

These classes work because Donna Bruschi has been working with parents for over 20 years as a friend, a lactation consultant, teacher, group leader and healer.  She brings her warmth, knowledge and perspective gained from raising 3 children into adulthood. Each of these classes has been shaped because she knows the problems and intentions of parents just like you, who have taken these classes and/or been private clients over the years. 

Each class is guided with warmth, compassion and understanding for each individual's needs.

There are seven different Parenting Repatterning Series

1. Partners 

Partners are key to parenting from the moment you decide to have a baby. Many partners immerse themselves in parenting only to later realize that they have lost their best friend. Come and reimagine your co-parent in a way where its okay to feel ALL of your feelings and reconnect with your partner in a new and nourishing way.

2. Birth 

Birth brings parents into connection with something primal and magical...and for many there are also feelings of pain, grief, trauma, and loss. Your birth story is not just your story but also your baby's and you bring the patterns and beliefs from your own birth and your family. This class is for parents who are trying to conceive, preparing for birth and recovering from birth.

3. Breastfeeding

Intuition and nonverbal communication, entrainment and intimacy are all a part of breastfeeding. If you weren't breastfed, or have survived sexual assault or abuse, these feelings can be overwhelming, leading to a funny feeling or dislike of breastfeeding and early weaning. Breastfeeding a toddler can become a way to connect with and guide your child in a way you can't imagine if you haven't done it yet. Ideally breastfeeding continues until your child outgrows the need. This class can support you in being comfortable following the natural progression of  breastfeeding baby.

4. Communicating

Nonverbal cues in infancy, your toddler's first words and sentences, the slang and facial expressions of your teen, and the mysterious insinuations your partner keeps slinging, can be exhausting to figure out. Written communication is a level removed from face to face and misunderstandings are easy to have with email, emojis and texting replacing everyday conversations.

5. Toddlers

Before they start saying "No!" and "Why?" many parents realize they are dealing with a primitive, semi-verbal, irrational human being with very clear dislikes and likes. If you have ever peeled your screaming limp noodle of a child off the floor of Target, you will want to make every effort to attend this one.

6. Teens

Often called overgrown toddlers, you can't pick them up when they melt down. You can't do anything right. They also may make very expensive mistakes with your car and house. You may wonder if you and they will survive this period of life and your heart has never hurt like this before. 

7. Sleep

Family members and the media have unrealistic expectations for babies and children that can undermine your confidence. The result is exhaustion and resentment that hampers good sleep even further. If your children have night fears or procrastinate at bedtime, this class will help. Teens too, can learn the secret to a good night's sleep. 


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