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Butterflies and Hiccups - Café Mama Due Date Club

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Hudson Valley Due Date Club
Hudson Valley Due Date Club
02.06.2019 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm
Donna Bruschi, IBCLC


 A guided deep dive into your inner knowing.

Intuition is always guiding us, whether we choose to act on it or not. Pregnancy changes the way our brain works, making us more creative, right brained and intuitive. Mommy brain is real, though its purpose is misunderstood.

Learn how to channel your love and intuition into a powerful way of being that connects with and intuitively understands and responds to what your baby needs. Connect with your divine feminine, explore the power of receptivity and all that it can offer you.

Pregnancy is the first leg of your hero's journey through motherhood.

This monthly offering is designed to be started while trying to conceive, though it can be joined at any time before birth. It is to prepare you for your lifelong role of mother. While other classes focus on preparing for birth and breastfeeding, they leave you wholly unprepared for the unending and diverse challenges of mothering. When you can move fluidly between the realms of the heart and the mind, you become a mother who is nourished by her mothering.

Each circle is completely different from the previous and no two are the same. 

6:30-6:45     Introductions and centering

6:45- 7:15   Journaling, drawing and reflection

7:15-7:45     Sharing circle with a talking stick

7:45- 7:55    Dance time

7:55 - 8:15   Socializing and refreshments

8:15             Close

Each meeting starts with introductions.  We move into a guided meditation and centering that slows us down from the outside world and brings us into connection with our inner selves and baby.

Journaling is expecially insightful during your pregnancy.  Each mama is given Butterflies and Hiccups, a beautiful journal with writing prompts in which you can record your conception and pregnancy. Include the thoughts, feelings, intuitions and dreams you have of your baby. This is your time to reflect, record and validate the changes you experience as you move closer to birth. Journaling brings messages and learning from your heart and your higher self.

During the circle, share a story, a dream, or an event that happened to you. We use a talking stick so each person has a chance to share without interruptions, feedback or advice from the group. Feel the love of the group support and guide your sharing. If you would rather listen, pass the talking stick to the next in the circle.

We close with dance, socializing and refreshments so you move, stretch, replenish and chat.


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"Butterflies and Hiccups" is part of the Café Mama Due Date Club, a friendly, non-judgmental place to make friends, learn what to expect, share stories and find out about resources and events for pregnant and new mamas. It is our hope and desire that our members continue to inspire one another and offer one another hope, friendship, love and support as they have for the past 3 years!

All Hudson Valley pregnant and expecting (adoptive, non-birth mother and surrogacy) mamas are welcome. We believe that being a mom is the hardest thing you will ever do and we respect your right to make choices that work best for you.

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