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Natural Egg Coloring from Foods!

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03.30.2019 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Join us in the shop to create beautiful and naturally colored Easter Eggs.

Want your little one to have fun painting his/her eggs but don't want them to touch or eat those nasty artificial dyes? We have the perfect workshop for you! Come join the fun and color your Easter eggs with Kimberlee Mule of Three Sisters Herbals using Natural Colors from FOODS! We will supply everything you need.

Please dress your little one in old clothes or bring a smock to avoid staining nice clothes. We will provide 3-6 commercially raised eggs per child. You are welcome to bring your own eggs, if you desire. Meet up with your friends and get ready for Easter Sunday! $10/child $20/family, space permitting

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Kimberlee is a mother who enjoys sharing her many talents with children. Best known as an herbalist who makes natural skin care products for her company Three Sisters Herbals, she is also a gifted artist and craftsperson.

Natural Dye Egg Coloring Workshop 3/25

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