New Baby Discount Card

If you are a Provider to New Babies and their Families,

If you are already providing services that families of new babies want, need and use, have identified key things they need and are consistently showing up with outstanding service, knowledge and products. You may be interested In partnership with New Baby New Paltz.

You already know your fans are raving about you and will continue to return again and again. That's how you got selected for this. This card is to give other parents a whole year to think about you, meet you, and see if you are a good fit for them.

What is New Baby New Paltz?

It is a special place for all mothers and babies in New Paltz. We have mother's Social Circles where mother's gather to make friends and talk about babies and motherhood. We feature special guests like you. We offer free breastfeeding help. There are around 60 active members. Our Facebook page gets more than 400 views each week. Our weekly newsletter currently has 400 subscribers and is growing. It has an “open rate” of about 30%.

What is the New Baby Discount Card and how does it work?

The card features 12 businesses, each offering a gift or special promotion. (Something like a Special Rate, Free Delivery, or a small gift). The parent shows you the card to receive the offer. These cards are given to members of New Baby New Paltz. We print 2000 cards each year.

In addition to being on the Card, you will also receive these valuable bonuses:

  •     A weekly listing and link to your website in The New Baby News until 12/31/14. Women read this newsletter because it speaks to them. New mothers like a little Love sent every week.
  • A feature article about you or written by you in The New Baby News. We have found our guests to be very interesting (and have a wealth of knowledge!) and we are curious about anything B-A-B-Y. If you need help writing and editing an article, we can do that too.
  • Up to 4 demos/presentations at New Baby New Paltz. Here is a chance for you to show yourself as a real person who is approachable and knowledgeable. We usually have 8-10 mothers and babies. You get 30-45 minutes to share something that is interesting to mothers of 0-18 month old babies. Not sure what that would be? We'll help you figure it out.
  • If you are selected as a partner, we will provide the artwork for the discount card. (We need your logo as JPEG, GIF or PNG, please)

Here's how it works:

    Really Fair Cost: $150 for the year.


   We have a good mix of providers on the card. We don't have anyone who directly competes with each other.

    Friday, January 21, 2014. If you need more information, please call Donna at 845-750-4402, or email

Please make checks payable to: New Baby New Paltz

And mail them to:  15 Plattekill Ave New Paltz, NY 12561