Nutrition For Pregnancy, Birth, & Breastfeeding

Nutrition For Pregnancy, Birth, & Breastfeeding


Nutrition for Pregnancy, Birth, & Breastfeeding with Kimberly Shirk, P.A.

During the lecture we'll be covering the truth about prenatal vitamins, what to avoid and what's nourishing to the body and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We'll touch on food allergies vs intolerances and how to tell if you or your child has a food sensitivity.

Kim has been practicing as a Physician Assistant in the traditional medical setting both in ENT and Pediatric Urgent Care for the past 4 years. She became interested in nutritional medicine when she became pregnant with her second daughter. She began a personally tailored clinical nutrition program under a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner very early in her pregnancy and had an easy, full term pregnancy and the homebirth she so desired. Experiencing firsthand the dramatic effect NRT has had on her family's life, realized she had found the missing piece that mainstream medicine was lacking and knew this was a technique she needed to learn. Kim is continuously amazed at how quickly her NRT patients feel better, look healthier, and recover from illnesses.


cost: $5