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Mother-to-mother support is the biggest determining factor in how much, and how long, you and your babies breastfeed. The Breastfeeding Café is a small, local community that aims to provide friendship, breastfeeding support and education.

This group is for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and babies looking to make new friends, and deepen their breastfeeding knowledge in a safe and supportive breastfeeding community.

The community is run and moderated by Donna Bruschi, IBCLC.

How do I join the Breastfeeding Café?

Most other membership sites are eager to get you to signed on as quickly as possible. However, we choose to be a little different, because we want to make sure that the Breastfeeding Café is a safe zone, with friendly people who are sticking with breastfeeding (and their breastfeeding community) through thick and thin.

The 10-day waiting period:

After you register, there’s a 10-day waiting period. This is to make sure you’re not rushed into “buying something” in the heat of the moment. It ensures that people who join, are ready to make a commitment to taking from our community.

Wait. Did you just say, “Taking from a community?”

I did.

The problem with most mothers, is that they don’t accept help. They rush asking for help and signing up for this and that, but never sit down to do the hard work of breastfeeding. We do not want people just hitting another “buy now” button, and letting their inbox fill up with goodies. Goodies that just sit there, while their breastfeeding relationship withers and weans.

What happens in the 10-day waiting period?

Once you register, you’ll get a daily dose of goodies. They give you a good understanding of what to expect (in terms of quality). And it’s useful information that you can use right away. It’s likely that you’re already familiar with Donna Bruschi and New Baby New Paltz and this will give you a little extra, while you’re waiting for 10 days.

In addition, you will be asked to provide a profile picture and your preferred name. (In the Breastfeeding Café, everyone uses their real name, but maybe you have a shorter version of your legal name, for everyday use.) We will upload this into your profile, so that when your 10-day waiting period is done, your account is ready for you.

What is the next step?

Once you click on the link below, you’ll be asked to pay a sum of $10, to hold your spot in the list, and 10 days from now, you’ll get a note from us. You might even want to put a reminder on your phone to keep an eye out for that email.

That’s pretty much it.

In summary:

Step 1: You pay $10 to register for the Breastfeeding Café.
Step 2: You will get goodies over the next 10 days.
Step 3: On the 10th day you will be invited to join and make payment, Your private link will arrive within a few minutes after payment.