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Doodle Hog Dab & Dot Markers - Metallic - Set of 6

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Dab and Dot Metallic Markers come in 6 colors With a little metallic fun, Metallic Markers are great for adding a little more spunk and shimmer in 6 bright colors. Whether your child wants to paint their coloring book, dot up numbers, or make stellar pages, dauber markers can do it all.
So many uses for 6 colors of Dab and Dot Metallic Markers: - Metallic Blue and Silver are great for cars, airplanes, sky, water - Metallic Red is perfect for roses and hearts - Metallic Green will make your plants and dinosaurs comes to live. - Metallic Yellow marker will make your Sun extra bright - Metallic Purple will add an extra accent to your artwork AND…… These chunky markers encourages fine motor skills. Print out dauber sheets, coloring pages, or workbooks to use with your markers. They are perfectly designed with your kids in mind for little hands and big imaginations! Get your Dab and Dot Metallic Markers today!
Our markers are easy to use. Sometimes, though, a cap may be left off or ink gets on something other than the artwork. No worries! Our markers are kid-friendly. Here are some tips:
1.) Oh no! The cap was left off for days! Good news. These markers rehydrate! If the tip dries out, it can be easily rejuvenated by simply putting a few drops of water on the tip and allowing the sponge like marker material to absorb it.
2.) Ink got on my clothes! If the marker ink gets on clothing, no worries. Wash separately as usual with regular detergent and it should come right out!
3.) If marker ink gets on skin, simply wash off with a little soap and water.
4.) Prevent mishaps - protect coloring surfaces with newspaper and always supervise coloring sessions.
6 Bright Metallic Colors: Dab and Dot Metallic markers come in a set of six dabbers in colors - silver, yellow, blue, green, purple, and red. NO MESS SHIMMER Just like our popular Dab and Dot Markers, this set of Metallic Markers is easy for hold for little fingers and mess free paint but in amazing metallic ink. Create metallic dots and doodles without using glitter glues or having to deal with glitters. The ink dries quickly. WORKSHEETS or INSTANT ART Use guided worksheets with predefined dots or let children be their own little artists. Allow kids to use their imaginations to create their own unique designs. The Dab and Dot markers makes a big round dot so preschoolers can instantly make a piece of art or craft they can be proud of. LEARN A-Z SUPERHERO WAY Download our free Superhero A-Z dot worksheets or purchase a companion travel workbook with 26 pages of unique fun alphabets. Search for Dab and Dot Markers Superhero ABC Workbook. DESIGNED FOR LITTLE HANDS When it comes to spending time together with little ones, we look for opportunities to grow together while developing independence. Our products help kids and parents spend time together while fostering creativity, independence, and imagination. Designed for little hands and big imaginations, we know your child will love daubing and dotting with you.