Doodle Hog Dino Kit - Dinosaur Craft Kit - 100 pieces

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CRAFT and LEARN Activity Kit Easy to use of arts and crafts for the little dinosaur lover. Packed with ready to use Dab and Dot Markers, stencils, sketch book and mosaic by numbers set to keep them entertained for hours. Unlike other craft kits, our kit includes supplies for many crafting sessions.
OVER 300 pieces included: 2 Dot markers, 13 large cut dinosaur stencils 20 assorted pom poms, 10 sets of googly eyes, 10 pipe cleaners, 4 mosaic by numbers set with colored tiles and one 30 page thick sketch book. Our container are recyclable and reusable for other crafts items.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS Improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, and let kids build confidence in their making beautiful art. We included a 30 page sketch book and stencils for for a rainy day activity. Use stencils with pencil colors, dot markers, regular markers and crayons to create art in minutes.
RAINY DAY or PARTY ACTIVITY From flying to the ferocious, your imagination can bring these dinosaurs to life. Use pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners to create original dinosaur art.
IDEAS BOOK - Bonus idea book with your purchase . Create Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Brachiosaur, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! with our Dot Markers and sketch book easily.