Under the Nile Supermeow Roxie Scrappy Cat

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Supermeow was created in collaboration with the Meow Meow Foundation in memory of their daughter Roxie, to raise awareness for water safety and preventative drowning accidents. Like Roxie, Supermeow is a vibrant hero with blue eyes and mismatched socks.

This soft and eco-friendly organic cotton limited edition Scrappy Cat is lovingly made and stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton scraps, making it sustainable and pure from the inside out.

* Measures 10" tall

* Part of our profits from Supermeow will benefit the Meow Meow foundation.

Perfect for cuddling, teething, clutching, shaking, and exploring! This machine washable stuffed cat is sure to be your child's favorite.

Quirky and colorful, our Scrappys collection is made from 100% Egyptian organic cotton scraps left over from our clothing production.

Wastefulness is not in our nature and any time we see a chance to up-cycle, you bet we’re going to take it.