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“Someday when I’m a kitty I will do that too!”

Little Rita Cassidy profoundly exclaimed this to me after I explained to her how our cat cleans himself by licking. This line of thinking was very amusing to me. In her world there exists a someday in which she will be a cat!

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As mothers we sit in a unique position! We have the ability to mold and shape mind sets for our whole family. Isn’t it almost always true that a happy mom is a happy family! Going beyond self improvement we can work with our family to create goals and mind sets we would all like to work on in the New Year, providing our children with a valuable framework for their future!

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The commotion was suddenly halted by a sharp cry coming from our bedroom. At this point Rita, a very able-bodied walker, whom I had watched just moments ago wander through the doorway into our room, now stumbled back out, crying and holding her hand to her eye.

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Opt-Out Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Cyber Monday. Starts 12:00 am on Friday 11/25/22. Ends 11:59 pm on Monday 11/28/22. We at New Baby New Paltz live in a place of stunning natural beauty. We spend a lot of time in nature. The pandemic changed the landscape of shopping in-person. Many small businesses (like New Baby New Paltz) now have ecommerce catalogs and ship anywhere in the USA.  On this Opt-Out Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Cyber Monday Sale weekend... 1. Opt Outside with your kids for fresh air, dirt, plants, trees, water, rocks and vistas during daylight hours. 2. Shop from home when it's dark, (which is most...

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Recently, my 2 ½ year old daughter and I were at the library socializing with other children her age. A nursing toddler, a little girl, Rita’s size, caught her eye. She hurried over and asked “Are you nursing?” The mother replied “Yes.” politely, while the nursing toddler continued breastfeeding.

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