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No matter when your baby is due, you are probably thinking of all the things you need to have done for baby’s first weeks at home.

Whether you are actually doing it is another thing..."PROCRASTINATORS UNITE!"

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We all had key adults in our lives who guided us as children. Every one of us had adults who cared about us, fed us, clothed us, disciplined, and encouraged us. It might not have been your mom or dad, but there was someone. And maybe they were compassionate and kind, and maybe they weren't. If they weren't, you learned how to be an unkind parent and at some point, you swore you would never treat your child like that.  And then, you had a baby. And because you care about yourself and your child, you started seeking information and...

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Once upon a summer afternoon, it was the month of June in the happening town of New Paltz, New York…

What to our wondering eyes did appear…? 

Naked babies of all colors, shapes and sizes playing happily together in a cool pool of shallow water. Is there a more simple pleasure than cooling oneself off on a hot day in a local swimming hole, lake or river? I think not!

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It’s 4 PM and I still have my jammies on.

The dishes are piled high, the trash needs to be taken out, toys are strewn across the living room floor. The compost bucket hasn’t been emptied and has attracted the entire fruit fly population of New York . . .

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I have been thinking a lot about trusting my instincts as a mother. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Especially when someone in an authority position (a doctor, a teacher, a specialist) or someone whose approval I seek (my mother, my partner, my friend) are telling me something I am doing is wrong. That can be enormously frustrating – and it recently happened to me. I have realized a positive benefit though – it forced me to consciously evaluate my beliefs and practices and affirm my choices. To explain, I always just knew I would breastfeed. In fact, I dreamed about breastfeeding a baby,...

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