The Healing Energies of Children

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The Healing Energies of Children

By Jasmine Wood

Hello Mamas!

The season of our lives when our families are blossoming, is a precious time filled with abundant love, joy and satisfaction.

But inevitably, we will all experience pain and loss in our lives. This can be hard to deal with when it pierces the bubble of the happy family. Particularly, because we tend to be more emotionally vulnerable during these special years. I wanted to take a moment this week, and write about the magnificent healing energies of children.

There's something remarkable about how a small child can light up a room!

As parents, we share this experience in grocery stores, walking down the street, or standing in line at the bank--random strangers offering smiles and blessings towards our little ones!

I have had several opportunities to experience this on a grand scale, when taking my daughter to a nursing home to visit both of my grandmothers. As little Rita made her way through the homes, the whole atmosphere seemed to change. Tired faces were suddenly transformed into smiling joyful ones. Laughter and small talk would follow us.

It fascinated me and filled me with joy, to witness the happiness and hope which makes up the medicine of small children! Children seem to have an innate ability to diminish pain and grief. Perhaps, this is because they encourage us to be present in the moment, to be fully alive in the now!

Typically, our pain lies not in the present, but in the past (especially when we are speaking of emotional pain as opposed to the physical pain of an illness or injury). Therefore, by opening up the space for us to be present in the moment, children allow us to momentarily forget past hurts.

By creating a space where pain and loss are not the dominant emotions, children open up a space in us for love and joy to once again flow freely! There are so many benefits to spending time around small children. Undoubtedly, it is important for the balanced functioning of societies.

For in each stage of our lives children have something different to offer us. Whether it be showing older children how their story began and how much they have grown, teaching young adults and new parents responsibility and patience, or offering hope to the elderly. Children are healers!  

Children’s miraculous healing powers stem from simple medicine.

Theirs is not the medicine of chemistry and pharmaceuticals, nor that of herbs and ancient meditation techniques. The medicine of children comes from within. Children offer us heart-centered healing energy. Next time you find yourself feeling down, or caught up in past emotional trauma, take a walk with your child. Hold their tiny hand and allow yourself to be healed.

Remember that as a parent of a small child you are blessed with their cosmic healing powers on a daily basis, and that many others can benefit from this as well! Embrace the random stranger who smiles and coos at your child. Take a moment to let your child interact with them.

Who knows the small miracle your child may have to offer!

Till Next Time, Be Well!


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