The first name in breast pumps.

More than 75 years ago, Swedish engineer, Einar Egnell made it his life’s work to help breastfeeding moms. After years of research, Egnell created the first comfortable and effective breast pump that closely mimics the suckling rhythm of nursing infants. In the process, Egnell also created the vacuum and cycling standards that have since become the industry benchmark.

Ameda is WHO Compliant.

As part of our ongoing mission to be active in the global breastfeeding community, we at Ameda support and comply with the World Health Organization’s goals, including its International Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes, also known as the WHO Code. Ameda is one of the few companies that is WHO code compliant in the breastfeeding solutions category. Not all major breastfeeding products manufacturing companies abide this voluntary determination of standard.

Solutions From Hospital to Home.

With a full portfolio of clinically-based solutions, Ameda is in the hospital ensuring moms get started right with products that are trusted by clinicians and lactation experts. As moms transition home to begin life with their babies, we’re there with a full range of favorites that include personal breast pumps, breast care items, and breast milk collection & storage options.