Tis the Season for Mastitis.rtf

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Tis the Season for Mastitis.rtf

What do Push-up Bras, Holiday Festivities, Exhaustion, Babysitters, and too many desserts all have in common?


This is our annual Holiday Mastitis Prevention post.

As we continue into the holiday season, remember these breastfeeding basics:

1. Nurse Frequently. Your baby does a great job of keeping mastitis and plugged ducts away, if you make the time to empty your breast.

2. Check your bra. If there are red lines when you take it off, or after you fold down the cup to nurse, it is TOO tight, and can press milk ducts, blocking the flow of milk.

3. Eat real food. Sugar and other refined foods deplete your body of nutrients you need to stay healthy.

4. Think about limiting your festivities. I know EVERYONE is excited and wants to see THE BABY...but... if you are tired and rushing around "trying to do it all," you are more likely to develop a plugged duct or mastitis.

5. If you are on a regular cycle of alternating pumping and breastfeeding, continue. If you are pumping and saving for a special occasion, spread it out, so you don't have a sudden oversupply of milk followed by a complete engorgement at the event. Some moms pack a pump, hand pump or hand express at the event.

6. If you do feel a tender spot in your breast, cancel your actitivities and take your baby to bed for the day. Rest, nurse and sleep until it feels better.

I hope this helps! Call me if you have questions.

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