Baby Deedee

My son Adrian, otherwise known as Baby Deedee, was born in 2008. It was love at first sight! An active, healthy little baby boy… but boy was it a challenge to get him to sleep.

My instinct told me that if he felt cozy and secure, he would sleep better. His nursery was a little cooler than the rest of the house, and it worried me when baby deedee was sleeping at night. So, I envisioned a sleeping bag in a cocoon-like shape, with a soft cotton exterior and filled with light, breathable, plush duvet quilting. After all, if Mommy and Daddy felt more comfortable sleeping in a duvet, surely Baby Deedee would too.

I searched and searched, and couldn’t find any comfy, well-designed versions that matched my vision. So I designed my own. Nine months later, baby deedee sleep nests were born!

The original Baby Deedee (now 7), his baby brother Mateo (5) slept soundly in their sleep bags for years. Baby Juliette (2) uses her sleep nest every day. I sleep soundly too knowing that she is warm, cozy and safe in her crib. I worry less about SIDS because there are no loose blankets to be kicked about during the night. For those nights when Baby Deedee, and more recently, Juliette, fell asleep in my arms, the shoulder snap design made it easy to slip them in the sleeper nest, without waking them.

The original sleep nest sleeping bag was followed by the lighter weight sleep nest lite for the spring and summer months and the oversized toddler sleep quilt which Mateo loves so much he won’t let us wash! As my babies grow older, I continue to strive to design well made, and practical baby products that will make parents lives just a little bit easier.

I hope that the baby deedee line will become part of your children's sleep time routine as it has for us!


Dominique de Bourgknecht

Mom and founder of baby deedee