Cloth Diaper Loan

In a tough spot? Needing help covering diapers for your little one?

NBNP can help. 

We have shareable cloth diaper stashes for families in need. These cloth diapers come from families who have donated their cloth diapers to those in need.

We will provide instructions and information on cloth diapering and laundering.

You do not need a washer and dryer. You can wash them at a friend's house, laundromat or hand wash them in a bathtub (or pail) using a plunger and detergent.

You must provide proof of hardship. You will need a WIC, SNAP or Medicaid card and a Driver's License or non-driver ID. You will be sent a link to securely upload them or can show ID on pickup.

The loan is for three months. It is renewable as long as you qualify.

Add a Diaper Loan to the shopping cart and select Pay at Pickup. You can pick up the diapers in Highland, NY    (Mid-Hudson Valley)