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For pregnant and new mothers in the Hudson Valley who feel overwhelmed...

The New Baby Community provides counseling and mother-to-mother community and each mother gains confidence and knows she is providing the best start for her baby.

We know everyone else has a program, a schedule, and a method for mothering. That's not us. 

You are intuitive, determined, and prefer to learn things in your own way.

  • You often feel overwhelmed--like you are messing up.
  • You feel isolated.
  • You wonder if breastfeeding is enough for your baby.
  • You often wonder if something your or your baby is doing is normal.


Every day, you have questions, and make decisions, and with each decision you wonder how others deal with this situation. 

Even if you find some way that sounds promising, you realize your baby doesn't act like their baby, and you feel uncomfortable, and don't know how you can follow their program, even when they break it down into 1-2-3 simple steps.

Or you may ask your doctor, 

Even though you know it's not a medical question.
And now you feel worse, because your question is being treated like a medical problem.


Or you ask your mom, or your friend,

And they give you a rosy picture of their baby and their solution, way back when... they leave out all the bad parts to protect you. Or worse, they leave them in and you are now scared, in addition to feeling uncertain.


Mothering is not supposed to be like this!

Mothers are meant to live in communities, sharing common experiences, knowledge and care of children. Find kindred spirits and really enjoy being a mother of a new baby. 


In NBNP's New Baby Community, you can make friends with local moms virtually, and in-person. 


Meet your host, Donna Bruschi,IBCLC 

We are in the Launch Phase which goes live on July 30, 2024 with a limited number of members.

Join today at an amazing price.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Private and Password-Protected website
  • Online Community with forum and DMs
  • Weekly in-person Play Group
  • Weekly virtual breastfeeding support group
  • Breastfeeding Support from Donna Bruschi, IBCLC

New Baby Community is a password protected private online forum. Members are vetted to ensure your and your family's safety and privacy. 

All members: 

  • Live locally
  • Pay a membership fee
  • Use their real names 

 The New Baby Community is open to all mothers with new babies to 2 years old.

This is the Launch Phase which goes live on July 30, 2024 with a limited number of members. Join today at an amazing price.