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Green Sprouts: A Family Tradition

Founded in 1982, Green Sprouts was mother-daughter owned and operated for over 35 years, with a mission to provide healthy and practical products for the well-being and whole development of babies and children, along with resources for parenting naturally. 

Nurturing babies naturally since 1982

“I was particular with the products that I used on my children—always looking for natural materials—such as cotton or wool for textiles, wood, glass, stainless steel for toys, dishes, bottles, etc. Babies are so sensitive when they are born and they don’t have strong immunities for harmful substances, so I think it is important to take extra care—especially when they are first born and growing so quickly.”


Becky on Hillside

Becky Cannon's curiosity about how children can reach their full potential inspired her to start Green Sprouts, Inc. If you ask Becky why she started the company, she will tell you: “I did not intend to start a business. I love babies and I wanted to make a contribution to their health and happiness.” After earning a degree in child development, she moved to Japan to study and teach at Muso Yochien, a unique kindergarten that was based on holistic philosophy, natural foods, and connection to nature. While living in Japan, Becky had her first daughter, Emi. There, she discovered unique, quality baby products with special functions, made from natural materials and cute designs.

When Becky moved back to the U.S. and had her second daughter, Mari, she couldn’t find the same quality products, so started importing them from Japan for her daughter. “At that time”, she recalls, “there were not a lot of options, so I became inspired to provide items for other babies made from healthy and safe materials. My urge to develop products sparked the beginning of the company.”


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5 reasons to love green sprouts

trusted by experts

trusted by experts

proven excellence and innovation in baby care

quality in the details

quality in the details

crafted with meticulous attention to detail

safe materials

safe materials

committed to using non-toxic & safe materials


grows with baby

adaptable designs that evolve alongside your little one

1% for the planet

for future generations

every purchase contributes to the betterment of our planet