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Face it. You don't look like a model.

I don't mean that you aren't sexy and beautiful...but you just had a baby and are probably feeling unattractive, maybe even smelly and leaky. Your body has changed and it will be more the way it used to be again.

But in the meantime, you could use some new bras that fit and function while you breastfeed.

At NBNP, we understand what it's like being a new mom. We've been there!

For a free fitting with no obligation to buy, add this to the shopping cart and check out (if you have a specific time in mind, put it in the notes at checkout) and Donna will contact you for an appointment.

Buying a bra is hard enough.
There are all the subtle, and not so subtle, traumas of being "too big" or "not big enough" and there's your unsettling new body--stretch marks, bulging tummy, leaky breasts, and more. Donna will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the fitting. You will be measured over your clothes and Donna leaves the room while you are changing. She will only see you in bras you feel comfortable showing her and with your shirt over it, if you feel most comfortable that way. 

Compare this to online ordering.

Shopping online is trying to hit a moving target. Bras vary tremendously even in the same size and your breasts also vary in size from week-to-week, and often from hour to hour. It's not always easy to find bra to fit your ever-changing body!

It's no wonder 70% of women wear the wrong size bra!

If you are pregnant and uncomfortable.

You could use some new bras that feel good now. We have attractive and comfortable bras that grow with you through your pregnancy, give you support when your breasts fill up with milk, and allow you easy access to breastfeed your baby. We have bras that stretch and shrink to accommodate your breasts growth in pregnancy and the day-to-day change in size.

If you have a baby, you could probably use a hand, as well as a comfortable bra.

You have a baby. You have a diaper bag. You are breastfeeding, so in theory, you don't need bottles. In theory. You have a car. You even have a credit card. Let's just say you spend the better part of an hour getting to the mall. You park, put the baby in the stroller, find the store and start to browse the nursing bras. Your baby starts to fuss, then cry.

You know he needs to nurse, and you can do that in the dressing room, but you need the bra.

"Do you have this in larger than a Double D?"

And the salesgirl says... "No, I am sorry, we don't." and then delivers the punch line that makes you want to cry. "Wow! You are really enormous!" 

Take a good look in the mirror:

1.  Your bra should fit firmly and comfortably around your body, fastened on the middle adjustment, without digging in.
2.  Shoulder straps snug and not cutting in
3.  Your breasts should fit within the cup with room for changes in fullness during the day
4.  The center front should be reasonably close to your chest wall.
5.  Not too tight and not gaping at underarm edges
6.  It feels good
7.  No red marks when you take it off, pale pink is OK

If you find that does not describe your bra, you can make an appointment to have your fit checked or to try something new.

Ready to try something new? Here's how it works:

1.  We talk about what you want and find you a bra

  • In the size that feels good. We stock from 32 A to 48 L
  • In a material and style that looks and feels attractive
  • At the price you want to pay. (We're shoppers, too!)

2.  We hold your baby (if you want), so you can relax and take your time. And you can take nursing breaks.

3.  You have complete privacy in a private dressing room that is big enough for you, your best friend, your mom, and your stroller. 

4.  We run back and forth with different size bras, until you find the bra you love and are COMPLETELY HAPPY.

5.  You don't have to be measured (but we do recommend it because it saves time.)

6.  We will get you the right fitting bra. And we'll do it without seeing you undressed. (Phew.)

To make an appointment, add this to the cart and check out. We will email to make an appointment.

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