Bazzle Baby

Bazzle Baby creates stylish and functional products that help the modern family navigate the major milestones of sleeping, teething, and feeding. With a consistent promise of style and innovation, you can be sure to find quality products that will make parenting a little easier.

Bazzle Baby products help celebrate every milestone and give more time to enjoy all of life’s little moments. 

When a mom was frustrated about keeping her drooly baby dry, the Bazzle Baby brand was born, introducing the first bandana drool bib to the United States. Today, Bazzle Baby’s products can be found at mass-retailers, specialty stores and online across the nation.

Our beliefs
We believe life's little moments, are the biggest moments. We believe functional can be fun, and style knows no age. We believe the products you bring home matter; that quality should be affordable, and safety shouldn't sacrifice style. We believe in more time for laughs, and more time for adventure. We believe in long mornings and peaceful nights. We believe in the gift of time. We know "it takes a village" and at Bazzle Baby, we believe the best village comes from all shapes and forms. And most of all, we believe a commitment to innovation leads to more time for life's big moments.

    Meet Our Owner + CEO - Michaelene Cadiz 

    Michaelene Cadiz is the Owner and CEO of MAD Product Innovations, a multi-brand design and manufacturing company, producing modern and innovative products across fashion and lifestyle.  

    With nearly fifteen years of marketing and advertising experience, she has developed an expertise in building business, having led multi-platform communication strategies that have proven successes elevating marquee brands amongst consumers with direct revenue generation. 

    Michaelene spent thirteen years at COX Media Group, leading the corporation’s high-profile marketing and promotional initiatives for a roster of principal clients. In 2012, she decided that it was time to take her knowledge to build a brand of her own. Thus, MAD Product Innovations was formed. 

    Michaelene has been featured in various business and trade publications including Forbes and Vogue Business and has been recognized professionally for top career achievements and milestones.

    Personally, Michaelene identifies strongly with her Puerto Rican heritage, having been born and raised in a bi-cultural household in Tampa, Florida and is a proud member of the LGBTQAI Community. She credits her success to the meaningful relationships that she has fostered over the years, and hopes to continuously inspire women as we enter a new period of female-led empowerment and business. Michaelene resides in Neptune Beach, FL with her partner, Marit Foss.