Earth Day

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.

  1. We educate, support and promote breastfeeding. This is the biggest way to reduce your baby's carbon footprint.
  2. We stock quality items that reduce your need for buying and buying and buying. Gender neutral, quality fabrics, and reusable containers are the foundation of our business.
  3. We educate, support and promote reusable cloth diapering. Better for baby and better for our planet.
  4. We stock vegetable-oil based skin care. Say bye-bye to petroleum.
  5. We educate on the 4 R's. 
  6. We reuse packing materials. We use cloth hand towels. We purchase cartons made of recycled materials for shipping. We reuse and repurpose as much of our garbage as possible. We recycle much of the leftovers. We contribute only one small garbage bag every few weeks in waste.