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Wishing you a merry Maple Moon! What is Maple Moon you ask? More commonly referred to as “Sugar Moon”, Maple Moon is the full moon in March. It marks the onset of the sugaring season. For many Eastern Native American cultures this date represents the New Year!

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We sat cozily in our home and watched snow fall outside. Time slowed down. It’s was as if Mother Nature was saying to all her creatures “Rest now. Reflect. Enjoy one another’s company.” As my daughter played, I could not help but think of just how far we have come. It is harder and harder to see the baby I once knew and the young woman I was.

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Perhaps the warm thaw of the last several days has you feeling like I do? I feel like there is an itch deep down that just needs to be scratched, the eternal itch for spring. The itch for new life, for many shades of green, the itch to spy a newly emerged crocus and to feel the caress of warm spring sunshine on your cheek!

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