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Ember has squirmed and cried on our flights.

And breastfed with her feet kicking a minister in the seat next to us, and pooped mid-air.  To soothe my anxiety, I asked other moms for their best travel advice. Here are some of the useful tips I received.

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Ember and I made it to Montana! To recap, last week I talked about my anxiety surrounding flying with a toddler and I shared a few travel tips I’d gleaned from other mothers. Let me share how traveling with a one-year-old went…

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A New Paltz business owner is working to help mothers with small children fleeing conflict in the Middle East. Donna Bruschi, owner of New Baby New World in New Paltz, is collecting baby carriers for mothers who are Syrian refugees.

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“Would we be able to enjoy ourselves at the concert if our minds were elsewhere thinking about our baby and her well being?” An answer that could not be determined…For 6 months leading up to the concerts, July 4th weekend, I had mini panic attacks filled with separation anxiety at the mere thought of leaving little Rita.

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