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There is someone very special in my life who does not get enough credit in my weekly writings; he goes by the name of Papa Bear or Rita’s Daddy! This wonderful man is also my best companion and husband. Since we decided to have a child, our journey together has been full of pleasant surprises: how exciting and intoxicating it is to watch the man you love take on the role of father.

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Hello Mamas! I just can’t wait for the turn of seasons, I long for the type of days where I can just send little Rita out the door barefoot in a sundress! As the snow continues to melt and songbirds welcome the return of spring with a song, I am reminded that good things truly do come to those who wait. Signs of spring begin to surround us, buds breathe new life into the trees, Mother Maple begins her first flows of sugary goodness, all the while the Earth slowly moves those of us in the northern hemisphere closer to...

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My mom (who had three kids, and apparently amnesia) asked more than once how I could stand it when all three kids were all crying. I would said, "This is nothing. I don't think it's bad until I'm crying."

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