Baby Carrier Fitting


How can you be comfortable wearing your baby?

Either you aren't sure whether you want a sling, wrap, or a backpack-like carrier, or, you've done research and are sure you want a specific brand.

Or, you are more confused than ever about the "Best Carrier"

Or, you own a carrier and can't figure out how to be comfortable in it.

What do you do now?

To make an appointment for a baby carrier fitting. Call or text Donna (845) 750-4402.

Fittings are $20 or free with any purchase over $50.


Let's look why you might be baby-wearing:

-  It frees up your hands so you can use both hands!

-  You can hug your baby all day long which makes them feel calm and secure!

-  You can breastfeed discreetly!

-  Baby can snooze and you and get things done!


Each carrier is a little different and there is a carrier for every situation

There are four major types of carriers. Slings, Wraps, Soft-structure Carriers, and Frame Carriers

1.  Slings

Ring sling – We stock Sakura Bloom and Lillebaby silk and linen slings. A ring sling is adjustable and can easily accommodate mom, dad or anyone else who may be baby wearing. They accommodates new babies through toddlerhood. They are durable, washable, and as beautiful like a scarf or shawl.

Fitted Sling - these slings are non-adjustable. They are sized to fit you and your baby. They are durable, washable and come in a variety of fabrics that you can mix and match with your daily outfit. The advantage of a fitted sling is that they are a simple, one piece of fabric, no assembly required and no hardware. The disadvantage is that you cannot adjust the size.

The disadvantage of a sling is that it places all the weight on one side.


2. Wraps

We have MobyWraps and LIllebaby Wraps. This affordable, stretchy long cotton or modal interlock fabric winds around you and yout baby resulting in an extremely comfortable and stable baby-wearing situation. Wraps fit everyone.  

If you have a newborn, you can put it on instead of a shirt and keep your baby skin-to-skin resulting in a calmer baby and easy breastfeeding. Wraps can accommodate young babies through early toddlerhood. Tying a wrap becomes easier with practice and many women grow to love the flexibility of a wrap and the beautiful woven wraps that are also available.

The disadvantage of a wrap is that is can be time consuming or complicated to put on.


3. Soft Structure Carriers

In these backpack-like carriers, the baby's weight is evenly distributed over the hips and shoulders. The adjustability, quick release clips and ease of use can easily accommodate mom, dad and any one else who may be carrying the baby. Carriers are made in cotton, organic cotton and breathable outdoor polyester fabrics. 

Popular Brands we carry: Ergobaby, Onya, Tula, Lillebaby, and Moby Comfort.

Disadvantages: Buckles and clips can be confusing and irritating to keep adjusting. SSCs have an aesthetic that's not everyone's cup of tea.

 4. Frame Backpacks

We don't stock frame backpacks but they are wonderfully comfortable for larger babies, toddlers and small children.


We talk with you about how you plan to use your carrier, getting all the details that are important to you. And, after we have explained benefits of different carriers we will recommend one or two that we think will work best for you. We fit you for it either with a weighted baby doll or with your baby or child.

If it's a gift, the recipients are always welcome to come back for a free fitting and adjustments as the baby grows and returnor exchange it if they don't like it.

If you aren't ready to buy, we'll write down what styles you tried so you can remember. We can also take pictures so you remember how it was adjusted. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy using your carrier over and over again.

 To make an appointment, please call 845-255-0624