Zarbee’s Baby Gripe Water 0+ months 4 fl. oz.

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Our clinically supported and unique formula made with ginger, fennel, chamomile and lemon balm helps ease your little ones occasional stomach discomfort and gas associated with colic, fussiness and hiccups.* Free of unwanted additives, we leave out drugs and alcohol, dyes, artificial flavors and sweeteners, gluten and parabens.

1. Chamomile [Matricaria chamomilla]

You may be familiar with chamomile as an ingredient in herbal teas. The daisy-like plant has been used for thousands of years as a soothing and natural supplement.

2. Fennel [Foeniculum vulgare]

Originating in the Mediterranean, this flavorful herb belongs to the carrot family and is known for it’s culinary uses.

3. Lemon Balm [Melissa officinale]

Belonging to the mint family, this small green plant gives off a gentle lemon scent and has been used in culinary practices for centuries.

4. Ginger [Zingiber officinale]

Native to Southeast Asia, this zingy root has been used for centuries for it’s aromatic and culinary properties. Ginger is also used as a spice or natural solution to help with occasional stomach discomfort such as gas and nausea.

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Each bottle of Baby Gripe Water contains our unique formulation of ginger, fennel, chamomile and lemon balm. We leave out unwanted additives including: drugs, alcohol, dyes, artificial flavors and sweeteners, parabens and gluten.