Are Baby Slings Safe?

Are Baby Slings Safe?

Are baby slings safe? The short answer is "Yes." Slings have been safely used for thousands of years.

According the the Consumer Products Safety Commission, in the past 20 years, 14 babies have died in slings and 3 of those babies died in the Infantino Sling Rider, which was recalled in 2010. Over 1 million slings from this company were taken off the market. This sling style is a "bag sling" and it is different from a "ring sling."

This is a picture of the Infantino Sling Rider which was recalled.

Infantino Sling Rider

 You can see that it is very different from a ring sling. The problem with bag slings is that babies can easily move into unsafe positions, like these shown in the diagram.

 This diagram from the Consumer Products Safety Commission shows how a sling can be unsafe for an infant. If a sling is not worn correctly, babies can slide into positions where their face is covered, or their airway collapses. They can also move in positions where the adult can't easily check on them, see their face, and feel them breathing.

There are safe ways to carry a baby in a sling from birth up.

Use the following safety measures:

1. Baby's belly is towards the adult.

2. Baby is in the frog position or "M" position, with their butt lower than their knees.

3. Baby's head is close enough to kiss

4. Baby's face is visible at all times. 


The following video shows how to safely wear a baby in a Mobywrap sling from birth up.