New Baby New Paltz was started in 2010 by Donna Bruschi as a support group and has grown into a lively business! We offer lots of things the family of a new baby can use:

We are a Baby Store that believes "You don't need a bunch of junk to raise a baby." -- Most of us registered in Big-Box-Baby-Stores for all the normal baby gear when we were pregnant. You may have some great stuff, but odds are, you have come to realize that you really didn't need ALL THAT... And there's a bunch of really cool stuff you wish you did have. Who knew???

donna and the babies

We are a Community of Parents who love babies. We support and encourage each other through friendship, education and community awareness. We have lots of different activities...because one mama's "PERFECT!" is another's "nightmare".  New Baby New Paltz is a comfortable place, where YOU can be YOU. We want you to make some really great friends.

We are a Resource when you need to know "WHAT? WHY? and NOW WHAT???": (If your mother is helpful in that way, you are blessed and lucky!) New Baby New Paltz may save you, your partner and your baby a lot of irritation with each other. We have a lending library, therapists, and consultants who understand babies and families.

We have fun and educational classes and groups: We want parents to be empowered to be their best selves. We offer classes and groups on all sorts of things. We want you to learn new things, experience how great a gift your baby is, and make decisions that are right for you and your family.

We are activists: We join with the community for all kinds of things. NBNP's Birthday, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, Earth Day, The Great Latch-On, World Breastfeeding Week, The Pride Parade, New Paltz Day, The Ulster County Fair, Downtown Unwrapped and more.

Ask us anything at all!

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