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New Baby New Paltz


a beautiful, ethical and sustainable place for babies and those that love them.



Clothing and products that are elegant and timeless. Because babies are beautiful and deserve our best.




Caring for the environment, providing a living wage and humane work conditions, using quality materials & fair trade practices feels good. The result is clothing and gear that feels good in your hands.




Locally sourced, organic, upcycled, recycled & reusable. 

Acquire a few pieces of excellent clothing and gear that will service several children (yours, and those you share with) and make your parenting pleasurable and sustainable. 



Our fundamental human need is to be in harmonious relationship with others.

Daddies and mamas connect with their babies and with other families. We help and encourage families to live and practice respectful parenting, partnering and friendship.


Breastfeeding is a natural way to connect with your baby. We have groups and an IBCLC lactation consultant to help you achieve your goals.


 New Baby New Paltz started in 2009 as The New Mother's Social Circle so no one in New Paltz would feel alone while raising a baby. In 2016, we created Café Mama to expand our offerings for parents.