BeginAgain Safari Bowl - Toddler Bowling Game

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What is it?

The Safari Bowl game is action packed with a variety of ways to play making it a "wild" game of bowling!
Roll a few frames of “Giraffe Bowling”, see if you can “Meg the Monkey”, or try to “Hit the Target”. With an easy-to-hold elephant ramp to aim and shoot the two wooden balls, and a variety of giraffes (pins), monkeys (wickets), and targets, this bowling set gets kids running and howling with laughter. 
  • Indoor bowling set is the perfect way to fend off cabin fever
  • Builds gross motor skills, keeps kids active & teaches turn-taking and sportsmanship
  • Made from eco-friendly materials like rubberwood and beechwood
  • Comes with storage tray for easy clean up
  • Ages 2+

BeginAgain Toys

Award-winning toys, games, and puzzles (that look as good as art). Made from plants, not plastic. They use sustainably-harvested wood for wooden toys, and sap of the tree for the natural rubber bath toys. Made in USA.