Beyond 123 Wooden Car Village

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Product Features

  • Classically designed wooden cars set for countless hours of creative "driving" enjoyment
  • Set includes a police car, ambulance, cement truck, bus, and fire truck
  • Crafted with different types of solid high-quality wood in their distinctive natural colors, all natural linseed oil finish
  • Features all rounded corners and smooth-turning wheels. No sharp or unrefined edges
  • Each car measures 3.5 to 4 inches long

Product Description

What vehicles are at work in your child's village?
You and your child will love these classically designed wooden cars. Featuring Soopsori's dependable and environmentally friendly design, these five vehicles are perfectly smooth with not a single rough edge, keeping small hands safe. Each car is carefully constructed with freely turning wheels and all-natural colors that showcase the varied wood grains. Complete with a police car, ambulance, cement truck, bus, and fire truck, this set is sure to give your child countless hours of creative "driving" enjoyment.

Using over 20 different types of wood and coated with natural oil finish, Soopsori products are guaranteed environmentally friendly and all natural.