Goose Grease (Not So) Blank Henry

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Written by Juan Carlos Donado and illustrated by Anna Leigh Donado 

(Not So) Blank Henry is about a young peg doll who wakes up one day and starts to make his own decisions.

From his hair color to his t-shirt, to his cowboy outfit and painting smock, Henry begins making choices that help him to feel not-so blank anymore. He feels radiant!

Henry is a sweet, funny little story perfect for your young reader. For older kids, we have an awesome bundle option that turns our Henry book into an excellent activity. (Not So) Blank Henry + Family DIY Kit BUNDLE)

Self-published by Goose Grease Board Books. All printing processes meet CPSIA safety standards.

Book is 5"x7" and 1/2" thick. 

24 pages including front + back cover: