Gustafer Yellowgold Brighter Side CD

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  Format: Deluxe Edition, NTSC Language: English Subtitles: English, Spanish

“The best music is happy and sad at the same time.” - My 8 year old son.

Light and dark. Opposite but together. That’s life, right?

Brighter Side, Gustafer’s first music-only release, thematically expands on the two stories of the series’ protagonist, friendly alien Gustafer Yellowgold, from his current life in Minnesota back to his years spent growing up on the Sun.

In the Sun songs, Gustafer reveals his youth struggling as a Sun-dweller. Detailing his experiences with ‘heat based insomnia’, familial work expectations, and shunning popular Solarian life-aspirations. Sun life wasn’t all bad though, Ellen Lemon is a tuneful ode to Gustafer’s best girl-friend and confidante.

Most of the Earth songs illustrate Gustafer’s current charmed life in the woods of Minnesota. Tracks like “Baconstein," however, show that Earth can have its own hazards, personalities and egos to navigate. It’s a reminder that there is good and bad and tension and ease in everything.

The album concludes with a lush and even mellower anniversary re-record of 2005’s popular “I Jump On Cake”.


  1. Brighter Side
  2. Ride A Line O’ Stars
  3. Lucky Day
  4. Meet Me By The Fun
  5. Hot Nights (w/ Wilco’s Pat Sansone)
  6. Ellen Lemon
  7. Window
  8. Baconstein
  9. The Carvery (w/ Wilco’s Pat Sansone)
  10. King of the Sun
  11. I Love The Night
  12. (Bonus Track) I Jump On Cake '17