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Groovy Gustafer Yellowgold is a little, yellow, cone-headed fellow, who came to Earth from the Sun and has a knack for finding himself neck-deep in absurd situations as he explores his new life. His best friend is Forrest Applecrumbie, the world's last surviving pterodactyl, who staved off extinction with a sharp sense of fashion. Gustafer has a pet eel named Slim (short for Slimothy) and a menagerie of woodland creatures who curiously gather to share Gustafer’s solar warmth and quixotic sense of adventure. For recreation, he enjoys punching cheese and jumping on cake.

In Gustafer Yellowgold’s Infinity Sock, we find former Sun-dweller Gustafer Yellowgold settling into his new Minnesota woodland home, finally beginning to understand what a strange and peculiar planet he landed upon! The story follows Gustafer, who begins an ordinary day by washing his pet eel's laundry but soon embarks upon an hilarious, mind-bending musical journey in search of the toe-end of the longest sock in the universe. Gustafer learns much along the way, as he encounters a Band of Bees performing at their late night hangout in the chime-and-timpani drama of ”Beehive,” joins in the Broadway romp "Wisconsin Poncho" (set in an all-cheese clothing store), and comes upon the pterodactyl's unusually calm cat in the Fleetwood Mac lushness of "Cheddar,” all the while discovering that everyone has a use for The Sock. In an artful balance of poignancy and the absurd, Gustafer ponders his own curiosity in "Question Marks" (a tune in the classic folk tradition) and enjoys a fun, one-of-a-kind look at the interconnectivity among all life on Earth in the uplifting, Bacharach-esque "Sock Of Ages."

Bonus features include "Proof Or Foof (Is Gustafer Yellowgold Real?),” a visit with Professor Orel Harkness from the Huchaku Verification Center in St. Paul, Minnesota as he examines physical evidence from Gustafer sightings and answers viewer mail; "Gustafer Guitar Lessons" and "Draw Gustafer,” in which Morgan Taylor demonstrates his technique and shares a few fun facts!

  1. A Sock Runs Through It
  2. Slim Gets In ‘Em
  3. Infinity
  4. Beehive - Featuring Pat Sansone and John Stirratt of Wilco
  5. Snake Proms
  6. Cheddar
  7. Wisconsin Poncho
  8. Question Marks
  9. Sock of Ages
  10. The Sock Reprieve