Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet Dry Bag w/ Staging Mat for Breast Pump Parts Navy Anchor

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  • TIME & SANITY SAVER ... Discreetly and cleanly transport your pump parts & setup/take down your pump parts on a clean staging mat!
  • Fits perfectly in your Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

Use the waterproof main compartment to hold clean and then dirty/wet parts and use the detachable innovative staging mat as a clean spot on your desk, bathroom counter, etc. for setting up your pump parts.

Perfectly sized for breast pump parts; holds 4 8-oz bottles, plus all other pump parts and more

12" H x .25" W x 10" L (Unfolded) / 6" H x 1" W x 10" L (Folded into quarters)


Hand-wash the Pumparoo daily for short-term cleaning, followed by regular machine washing (please always use soap or detergent. Rinsing is not enough to adequately clean the Pumparoo).

NOT dryer safe, line dry only.

*BPA-free *PVC-free *Phthalate-free *Lead-free zippers