Pura Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle 11 oz

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100% Plastic-free sippy bottle turns into a straw cup, wide-mouth sport bottle or infant bottle using interchangeable Pura tops.

  • Food grade 18/8 stainless steel does not leach and has no BPA, EA, PVC or other toxins.
  • 100% plastic free bottle is compatible with nipples and spouts from other companies;
  • Includes internal volume marks for easy measuring;
  • 3 Months to 4 years;
  • Dishwasher Safe;
  • Limited lifetime warranty; Complies with US and strict EU regulations.
  • Includes a silicone travel cover and silicone XL Sipper Spout, a fast-flowing sippy spout. 

Medical grade silicone components contain no plastic, BPA, EA, PVC or other toxins.

Pura was conceived with a simple notion… to provide the safest and most adaptable juvenile feeding solutions. We are proud to combine ground-breaking innovations with an eco-progressive business model.

In 2012 Pura was recognized with 11 product and business awards and is now sold in more than 30 countries. Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with a focus on innovation and unparalleled quality.

Product Features:

Why Pura ?

1) Pura offers the only 100% plastic-free infant bottle and sippy cup in the world. NO plastic, NO BPA and NO EA. Crafted from only safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel, the same material used in milk pasteurization equipment for 100+ years.

2) All nipples, spouts, travel covers and other components are crafted from medical grade silicone. Our silicone meets the strict European standards for silicone, is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any plastic.

3) The modular design allows each bottle to easily change from an infant bottle to a sippy cup, to a straw bottle, or to a sports bottle. All Pura bottles are also compatible with nipples and spouts from many leading manufacturers like Pure, BornFree, Thinkbaby, Dr. Brown's, and many others.

4) Lifetime Warranty on all metal components 5) Cost effective –plastic bottles and fragile glass bottles require frequent replacement – Pura bottles lasts for years!

6) Pura products are designed in the USA by a dedicated team of committed parents.

7) Our silicone sleeves offer enhanced tactile feedback

8) As a company, Pura Stainless has received Special Recognition from the US House of Representatives and California Assembly.

9) Stainless steel is recyclable and is comprised of 60% recycled content.

One Life… One Bottle