Seven Essentials Before Beginning Breastfeeding by Donna Bruschi, IBCLC

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Breastfeeding is natural and intuitive. And, many parents make the mistake of thinking that because breastfeeding is natural, it must be easy.

Sometimes this is true!

But, this thinking is dangerous. Breastfeeding takes time to learn, and even longer to master. There is much to learn about breastfeeding, and much of that learning happens when you aren't feeling that great. Birth can take a lot out of you! Newborns are amazing and wonderful, and well, NEW! In addition to breastfeeding, you will have many things to figure out.

All this takes time and energy. 

The last few weeks of pregnancy are the perfect time to plan for an enjoyable first few months of babymoon.

Moms and dads who prepare for breastfeeding before their baby arrives, understand more of what is normal, what is not, and when to get help. This knowledge and the time to pursue it makes breastfeeding a whole lot more enjoyable from the very first day.

Theee are seven essential steps you can take right now to increase your chances for a satisfying breastfeeding experience.

Seven Essentials Before Beginning Breastfeeding is a PDF download. You will receive an email with the link to view and download the booklet.