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Moccasins are the perfect first shoe for a developing baby. the thin sole allows toes to grip and feet to have good sensory information as a baby learns to crawl and then to stand, and walk. 

Made from high quality leather and suede, with elastic sewn in the backs of the shoes to keep them on squirmy feet. Starry Knight Design uses quality suede to make the bottoms of the shoes non-slip.


Starry Knight Design has been creating unique leather soft-soled shoes and moccs since 2008, for tiny babies up to big kids. They make comfortable, durable shoes and moccasins for every preference and are a must-have as much for "trending style" families as well as "keep their feet warm" families.

Starry Knight Design uses new and repurposed leather and custom dyed suede pieces to create a variety of colors and textures on their soft-soled shoes. All designs are hand-cut for an original look on every pair. All shoe patterns are designed and custom cut by Starry Knight Designs.


For indoor or dry outdoor use. Not for wet conditions, as colors may bleed. Hand wash cold water, mild soap and air dry.


Order 1/2” inch bigger for wiggle and room to grow. (Size measured on outside of shoes.)

1. For average width feet, measure foot on hard flat surface and add 1/4”(for snug fit) to 1/2” (more room to grow)

2. For narrow feet: add 1/4”-3/8”  

3. For wider feet: add 3/8-1/2” to measurement to get correct sole length.

Example: If child's foot measures 4 1/8"-4 1/4”on hard flat surface, select size 2 (6months) 4 1/2" Sole.