Three Sisters Herbals Natural Spa Roundies Large 3pk

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Facial Pads  from Anne Riggs Design are the perfect choice for your nightly face cleaning routines!

These Facial Pads are perfect for you if you are looking for ways to reduce the throw-away paper products that come into your life. They can be used and reused countless times. Don't worry about the stains that your makeup may leave on them...that is what they are for!

Crafted of 3" circles, with one side terry cloth and the other side designer-quality cotton fabric. The two layers have been serged together. Made from fabric scraps, these are eco-friendly!

Rub a small amount of Three Sisters Magic Salve in a circular motion over the eye area to dissolve and break up eye makeup. Uses the terry side of the Facial Pad to remove the Magic Salve and eye makeup. Wash face with a gentle, organic cleanser, and a Facial Pad to remove makeup. Then apply a thin coat of Magic Salve to the neck and face for added moisture.

Facial Pads Care:  They are completely washable and dryable, please use a mesh laundry bag. They will be more absorbent if they are dried without dryer sheets or fabric softener. Or wash by hand right in your sink. 

Uses/Precautions: For safe and non toxic eye makeup removal that will not dry out the skin. Do not use Magic Salve on eyes while wearing contact lenses.
Available Options:  

Available Facial Pad Print Colors: You can choose the general color of the Cotton example: Purple will be a print in purple hues. Terry cloth back color is predetermined. All colors available while supplies last. Red/Orange, Blue/Green, Pink/Purple, Black/Brown, Surprise Me!