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The perfect solution for cloth diaper newbies! (And pros looking to try something new.) The Try-Before-You-Buy Cloth Diaper Rental is the perfect way to try cloth diapering and find the perfect diaper without a big investment. In fact, if you purchase a stash from us, it's free!* It used to be that you had 1 kind of diaper and white plastic pants to accommodate your baby from birth into training pants. With the advent of new materials and technology, there are now hundreds of choices. The good news is that it is easier than ever to use cloth diapers! If you don't want the expense, the garbage or chemicals on your baby's bottom, this may be the perfect solution for you. Cloth is convenient - you never run out! You can have clean diapers in a couple of hours without leaving the house. The best Amazon and the Honest Company can do is next day delivery! This assortment of 24 cloth diapers includes top-selling brands like BumGenius, Grovia, FuzziBunz, OsoCozy, Flip and Bumkins. It includes cotton, microfiber, hemp, bamboo diapers. They fit babies who are 12 lbs to 35 lbs. They really are just about the cutest thing you have ever seen. The diapers have snap fasteners or velcro fasteners so you can try them and know for sure. Your baby gets a life without nasty chemicals on their bottom. You get to see how cloth diapers fit your baby and your lifestyle without guessing. You receive a free wetbag as our gift to you just for trying cloth diapers and a 20% off coupon to purchase your diaper stash. (*Spend just $200 and the savings from your coupon pays for the rental!) We give you:   24 of our favorite diapers in 12 different styles   An explanation of how to use each diaper   A diaper pail liner   A wetbag that is yours to keep   Diaper liners that catch the poop and make cleanup a breeze   Diaper Detergent   Easy washing: NO dunking! NO swirling! NO nasty stink!   Great customer service when you have questions The Fine Print:   Use only the detergent provided   Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or sprays. They can ruin diapers.   Use diaper liners for easy washing and to avoid harsh staining.   Diaper creams ointments should not be used, unless approved for cloth diapers. (Approved: Three Sister's Magic, Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Weleda Calendula Cream)   These diapers are not to be used in a smoking household.   Diapers will be inspected upon return. Please return them clean and free of hair or pet hair. Mild stains are OK.   Check or store credit will be awarded within 7 days.   Rental packages consist of used, new, or any combination of new and used diapers. They are sanitized before they are delivered to you. If you are uncomfortable using diapers that have previously been used, this program is not for you.   *Local Renters: Free Pick-up Delivery are available!      Enjoy cloth diapers and the good feeling that comes from keeping chemicals off your baby's skin and diapers out of landfills. Total Rental: $100 Deposit: $60 If your baby is under 12 lbs., we offer a Newborn cloth diaper rental that features 2 different kinds of diapers from GroVia and FuzziBunz. (total 24 diapers) To purchase or reserve a Newborn Diaper Rental, click here. (If you are pregnant, you can reserve your diapers up to 4 weeks in advance. The rental period starts on your due date.)