Unadulterated Innocence

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Unadulterated Innocence

 By Jasmine Wood

Hello Mamas!

On a recent cold winter morning, my little family sat cozily on the couch watching a nature documentary.

As we all transitioned from sleepiness to wakefulness, we watched as caribou ran gracefully through their tundra home. Then the documentary took a turn and we were all watching a mighty wolf hungrily chow down on one of the caribou!

My husband and I looked at each other wondering simultaneously what our two-year old’s reaction might be.

We didn’t have to wonder long as she exclaimed “Look, that wolf is having a snack!” This response made both us parents rocket into laughter! How magnificent and surprising the unadulterated innocence of a child can be.

I believe this is where children have much to offer in the way of teaching the adults in their lives.

Often I find myself surprised at the perspectives that my toddler forms on the more difficult and cruel aspects of daily life. What a wonderful way to view the world, in the absence of bias, connotation, or cultural lens! Essentially, young children view the world for what it truly is. 

What better gift can a child pass on to a parent than the gift of unencumbered radiant joy!

When we allow ourselves to take off the “glasses of adulthood” and view the world through childlike eyes, we open ourselves up to a wealth of opportunities! The opportunity to enjoy the subtleties of life simply for what they are rather than for what they have to offer us.

The opportunity to live each moment as it comes and embrace it fully. Ultimately, we are able to shed the layers that cause us daily stress, grief, uncertainty, anxiety, and tension! We are able to become more loving and joyous people!

My daughter has recently incorporated a significant word into her vocabulary, “why”.

I have found that there are times when it is more enlightening (and amusing) to first let her give the explanation she believes is responsible for her why’s, before I go on a ramble explaining to her the intricacies of daily living. This not only provides me insight into the inner workings of her mind, but also allows me to share in the beautifully innocent views she has of this wild world.

We are truly blessed as parents to be influenced by our little Buddha’s!

It seems to me that young children live in a constant state of enlightenment and pure heart-centered emotion. With the holidays upon us we can all take a lesson from our little ones, let them guide the way and illuminate the aspects of life that are truly most important. We just might be surprised at what we discover!

Till next time, Be Well, Happy Discovery!

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