My Favorite Things

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My Favorite Things

By Lisa Bullard

Sometimes I like to think about some of my favorite things about being a mom. We know it can be a hard job, and for me, it’s important to think sometimes about the positive parts. Here are a few of the things I’ve thought about lately: 

Watching my baby’s personality develop. I absolutely love learning about this little person! She is different than anyone else that I know!

Seeing my baby play with her Grandmas. My mom and mother-in-law make the two best Grandmas I could ever imagine. Ember is so very lucky in that way. My heart swells as I watch Ember and her Grandmas interact and enjoy each other’s company.

Watching my baby’s desire to learn and grow. We just came back from vacation, but I realized, there is no vacation when you’re a baby! She didn’t stop checking things off her to-do list – she learned some new sign language and words, worked on climbing up and down stairs, practiced eating with a spoon, and on and on. I am amazed and inspired by her drive to learn and improve!

The cute factor. I feel like I'm always surrounded by cuteness. Chubby cheeks. Fat rolls in her thighs. A four tooth grin. Baby clothes! I love the tiny clothes, the little shoes, the hats, the miniature socks! So much frickin' cuteness every day!  

What are some of your favorite things? You can share at a NBNP Mother's Circle. You could also share on the Café Mama Facebook group. (Note: you may need to friend Donna Bruschi, first, to be added to the group)

From Donna:

One of my favorite things is how much my kids LOVE me. Motherhood was the first time in my life where somebody loved me unabashedly and without fear. I learned how to be that way from them.

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