The Ten Barriers Of Breastfeeding

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The Ten Barriers Of Breastfeeding

Moms and babies breastfeed within a complex web of history, culture, family and intimate relationship with each other.

There are 10 barriers or challenges in breastfeeding that can get between a breast and a baby. The Big Latch On is a worldwide event that addresses most of these issues.

1. Communities that don't breastfeed. If you have seen other women breastfeed, you are more likely to start and to continue when you have difficulties. The New Paltz Big Latch On brings people together who live near each other, who breastfeed and those who support breastfeeding, even if they aren't breastfeeding.

2. Breastfeeding difficulties. If you are having trouble, you may need a greater perspective and some support to continue. The New Paltz Big Latch On brings professionals and peers together to share and help each other.

3. Embarrassment. When you see other mothers nursing and living life at the same time, by talking, eating, shopping, laughing and telling their "embarrassing moments of breastfeeding" stories at The New Paltz Big Latch On, you can get over your shyness, anxiety, and embarrassment.

4. Innocence and Ignorance - Many women go into mothering their new baby assuming that breastfeeding is natural and will come easily and instinctively. And, for many women, that is true. Many more are blindsided by their lack of knowing about breastfeeding. The New Paltz Big Latch On educates about the many ways that breastfeeding can happen.

5. Healthcare professionals - You may know a very good Lactation Consultant, ;-) or you may not be so lucky. I am hosting The New Paltz Big Latch On  because I want people to know who is around to help.

6. Working is a reality for many breastfeeding moms, so The Big Latch On is held on 2 days. The New Paltz Big Latch On is Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 10:00 am.

7. Family and friends don't want you to suffer and may suggest weaning out of concern for you. The New Paltz Big Latch On is a way for them to see the bigger picture of normal breastfeeding at all ages and stages.

8. Beyond the pain threshold. Girls and women are taught to suffer in silence. Pain is a big reason why women quit nursing. It's also a way women delay getting help because painful feeds are promoted as a right of passage. PAIN IS NOT NORMAL. Don't suck it up or tough it out. Please. At The New Paltz Big Latch On, you will meet many women who suffered and had immediate relief as soon as they got help. (Disclaimer, you will meet a couple who are still suffering. Know that I never tell you to continue if nursing is painful.)

9. Illness and injury are confounding and unpredictable factors. Childbirth can be a rough and physically challenging experience. Moms and babies get sick or injured and breastfeeding can be the last thing on anyone's mind. This is beyond the scope of The New Paltz Big Latch On, but we can share war stories in the grieving circle.

10. The true cost of failure is never discussed. More than money, quitting breastfeeding may eat at you. At The New Paltz Big Latch On we will have a closed door grieving circle and share stories of breastfeeding and grieving.

If you are needing some breastfeeding support, education, encouragement or coaching, text me at 845-750-4402 to schedule an assessment to help you discover ways to make breastfeeding better and find out what local resources are available for you.




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