The Waking Of the Warrioress

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The Waking Of the Warrioress

By Jasmine Wood

Hello Mamas!

This morning I woke up a warrioress!

When I looked in the mirror my face looked the same, my hair was falling in its typical messy, uneven way, yet something had changed…. As I looked deeper into my own two eyes I could feel the change deep down inside me, deeper than my bones.

This change was coming from the depths of my soul, my inner spirit. The last few years of my life have led me to meet the warrioress inside myself. A Lustful Warrioress, who loves with no bounds. One who lives to provide comfort to those around her.

This strong sacred mother woman, the divine feminine incarnate, began to unfurl her tendrils.

As she slowly reveals herself to me, so too are inner truths revealed. Some say it is motherhood that facilitates the growth of girl into woman. I would agree with this, but go deeper to say that the mother inside us has been nurtured throughout our girlhood, just as much us the girl never truly leaves the woman.

Do you ever feel like a warrior at the end of day?

Once you finally lay your baby down to sleep for the night and have a moment to consider how much you have accomplished… this is when it hits me. I am suddenly amazed at the tasks that have been accomplished amidst meltdowns (toddler and mommy meltdowns included), potty accidents, absurd clutter and the like!


In these moments, I feel as if any obstacle can be thrown my way and I can tackle it, It is in these very moments that I reflect on how far I have traveled on the journey of motherhood. Over the last few years, the years coinciding with becoming a mother, I have confronted and faced some of my biggest fears, all while maintaining a happy home for my partner and our little daughter.

At times when I have fallen down, I have been picked back up by my own personal strength, when I thought there could be nothing left inside for me to give! I truly believe that it is motherhood itself that has allowed me to channel my inner strength, my warrior mama!

Through pregnancy I learned to listen to my body and then to trust in it.

Through the birth of my daughter I witnessed the power and the intuitive knowing of my body. Through breastfeeding I was comforted by the fact that I could solely provide complete nourishment for my child, nourishment which allowed her to truly thrive!

Through weaning I learned to let go, and listen to the quiet harmonious tune of my relationship with my daughter and how it was changing. Finally, through loving my daughter, I learned that it was possible to love someone else more than you love yourself, and to willingly succumb to the overwhelming powers of love!

We have all heard “I am woman, hear me roar.”

Well, I say “I am mother, hear me roar” even better still, “I AM LOVE, HEAR ME ROAR!” May the warrior woman in each of us live strong in our hearts and in our minds!

May we all remember that it is not war that makes the warrioress, but rather the warrioress who hears the battle call and recognizes she is needed!

Till Next Time, Be Well!


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