Memories From The Womb

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Memories From The Womb

Memories from the womb… A story of the subconscious by Jasmine Wood

Hello Mamas!

I recently took a trip with Rita and her dad to Ithaca, NY.

This is the place where we lived for the majority of my pregnancy.  After reflecting on our experiences there I have some interesting personal insight as to our time spent in the womb and how we carry experience and memories from our prenatal experiences.

Rita was conceived and carried in Ithaca, the land of waterfalls and gorges.

 Throughout my pregnancy, I walked along the banks of many of these mesmerizing waterfalls finding comfort and peace in the water’s presence. My mind was quietly lulled into thoughtlessness, a simple pure state of being, by the sacred song of the river ever moving toward the sea. When I was seven months pregnant, we moved from Ithaca down to the Hudson Valley, where I grew up.

Like a salmon I followed the river home to give birth.

Rita was born in the same hospital I was, 25 years earlier, and our journey together with her in my arms, instead of in my belly, began! A few weeks ago, our little family took a trip back to Ithaca to visit some of our favorite sights, in particular, our favorite waterfalls.

As soon as Rita saw her first waterfall, her whole being became illuminated!

She literally glowed from within as she shouted “This is my favorite waterfall forever!” I was filled with joy that these sacred spots, that brought her father and me so much pleasure and contentment during our pregnancy, also held this special place for our daughter too!

We brought her back to the waterfalls of her days in the womb.

Something inside her recognized this place! I believe babies' subconscious memories begin to form from the moment of conception and evolve throughout pregnancy and birth. So when children are born, they already have a subconscious memory and internal impression of the world! I truly believe that Rita was soothed as a little fetus in the womb waters by the same external sounds that soothed her mama, the sound of the river and waterfall. Upon revisiting these sights years later, she was able to recapture the same positive emotions felt during her time in the womb!

Peaceful pregnancy, happy childhood, contented adult….

I feel that the first step toward life long well being takes place in the womb. By fostering an environment filled with love and joy and working to reduce stress we can create happy memories with our child that they will then in turn carry with them throughout their lives. My hearts feel full when I see a glowing smiling pregnant mama and I think of the little one within who is also smiling!

May peaceful vibrations radiate from you to your children and back again! Let us change the universe with love, one child at a time!

Till next time, Be Well!


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