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We stand at a critical time in history;

Humans for the first time ever are both overweight and malnourished at the same time!  I just finished reading a book by Michael Pollan, entitled In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. I thought, “I’m going to start reading another Pollan book and start incessantly dwelling on our family diet!” But, to my surprise, once I delved headfirst into the book, I realized what he was recommending was not drastic at all.

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This is the time of year you will most likely find my family in one of two places: in the garden, or out by the grill. For me, nothing beats a long weekend morning filled with the work of tending to the garden, followed by a restful afternoon under a shady oak tree, then finally, finishing up the day by grilling our dinner and dining outdoors!

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Perhaps the warm thaw of the last several days has you feeling like I do? I feel like there is an itch deep down that just needs to be scratched, the eternal itch for spring. The itch for new life, for many shades of green, the itch to spy a newly emerged crocus and to feel the caress of warm spring sunshine on your cheek!

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