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Memories from the womb… A story of the subconscious by Jasmine Wood Hello Mamas! I recently took a trip with Rita and her dad to Ithaca, NY. This is the place where we lived for the majority of my pregnancy.  After reflecting on our experiences there I have some interesting personal insight as to our time spent in the womb and how we carry experience and memories from our prenatal experiences. Rita was conceived and carried in Ithaca, the land of waterfalls and gorges.  Throughout my pregnancy, I walked along the banks of many of these mesmerizing waterfalls finding comfort...

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We sat cozily in our home and watched snow fall outside. Time slowed down. It’s was as if Mother Nature was saying to all her creatures “Rest now. Reflect. Enjoy one another’s company.” As my daughter played, I could not help but think of just how far we have come. It is harder and harder to see the baby I once knew and the young woman I was.

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As we all transitioned from sleepiness to wakefulness, we watched as caribou ran gracefully through their tundra home. Then the documentary took a turn and we were all watching a mighty wolf hungrily chow down on one of the caribou!

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Holidays can be a hard time for almost everyone.

It's hard not to get caught up in the gift giving frenzy, the decorating, the cooking, or the planning of a special event.  The expectations are overwhelming.

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One day a hole opened up and through this hole fell Skywoman. As Skywoman fell, she left behind everyone and everything she had ever known. The only remnants of her whole world was a small bundle she clutched tightly to her chest as she fell, spiraling endlessly downward through darkness.

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